[AUG 2ND, 2014] EXIT 8: Level 3 - Hilton Head Island, SC (USFIV, UMvC3, TTT2, Project M & more)




EXIT 8 Facebook Web Page & Event Page:

Saturday - August 2nd, 2014 - 11am to 10pm


~ Hilton Garden Inn Hilton Head ~
1575 Fording Island Road
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

MacKay Creek Room

$5 Venue/Spectator Fee (only coming to watch)
$10 Player Fee (playing in the tournament)
$10 Game Fee (per game)
ASUS monitor + game console = FREE venue/player fee


  • Wireless controllers are banned
  • Winner has character lock
  • All games are Double Elimination
  • BYOC (bring your own controller/converter)
  • Accidentally pausing the game at any time during the fight may force you to forfeit the round (solely at a judge’s discretion)

EXIT 8 Tournaments Schedule:

  • 11AM to 3PM
    (Registration and Casuals)

  • 2PM
    ** Exhibition Match:

  • UMvC3: 3v3 Team

  • Project M: Crew Battle

  • 3PM to 5PM
    ** Project M and TTT2

  • 5PM to 7PM
    ** USFIV and Injustice

  • 7PM to 9PM
    ** UMvC3 and BlazBlue

All capcom games will be on XBOX 360

UMvC3: (XBOX360)

  • 3/5 matches
  • winners have character lock
  • random stage selection unless both players agree on a stage


  • 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches
  • ALL FINALS: 2/3 rounds, 3/5 matches
  • Winners have character lock but can change ultra
  • Edition Select OFF
  • random stage selection unless both players agree on a stage

TTT2: (PS3)

  • 3/5 Rounds, 3/5 Matches
  • no customization allowed during tournament matches
  • solo mode is banned
  • random stage selection unless both players agree on a stage

Injustice: (PS3)

  • 2/3 Games
  • DLC is allowed
  • if the first stage can’t be decided on between players, then you use the voting system and each player picks a stage, and the game will choose stage one.
  • loser can re-pick a character, but both players have to revote for stage select if that happens.
  • loser can opt to pick a stage instead of picking a new character.

BlazBlue CP: (P23)

  • 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches
  • losers/Winners/Grand Finals 3/5 matches
  • winner keeps same character between matches, loser can change characters
  • no Unlimited characters
  • kokonoe IS legal
  • no game breaking glitches allowed

Project M: (Wii)

  • Player’s Choice Clause: You may play by a rule outside of this ruleset if your opponent agrees to it as long as it does not deliberately delay the tournament process.
  • 4 stock, 8:00 minute timer
  • Items OFF and set to NONE
  • Buffer OFF
  • Ties after the time limit are determined by stocks, then by percentage.
  • If a match ends with both players dying at the same time resulting in Sudden Death, a 1-stock rematch will be played out on the same stage.
  • If each player has one stock remaining and the match ends due to a suicide move (Ganon’s side-B, DDD’s swallow, holding someone in a grab on a platform as it moves out of the boundaries, etc.), the player who initiated the move wins.
  • Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in forfeiture of the match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.
  • Starter stages (Singles): Battlefield, Dream Land 64, Final Destination, Fountain of Dreams, Pokemon Stadium 2, Smashville, Yoshi’s Story (Melee)
  • Counter-pick Stages (Singles): Yoshi’s Island (Brawl), Lylat Cruise, Wario Ware, Green Hill Zone, Skyworld
  • First stage is decided by banning from the Starter Stages in P1-P2-P2-P1-P1-P2 order.
  • Following stages decided by winner banning 2 stages and then loser choosing.
  • Winning player is not locked into the same character for the next match, but has to pick before loser selects character.
  • You may not choose a stage you have already won on unless mutually agreed to.
  • In the event that the game crashes or the TV/Wii loses power in the middle of a match, that match will be restarted from the beginning with the same characters and stage. If a player uses a known glitch to intentionally crash the game or otherwise make it unfinishable, that player may be forced to forfeit the match or be DQed at the - TO’s discretion.
  • No excessive stalling (this includes abusing Jiggs’ Rising Pound and Mario’s Up-B Walljump)

Every game will be a split pot of 70/20/10

XBOX 360 stream:


PS3 stream:

BY: David Barnes


I have one of these monitors. I also have a 360 and a copy of USF4. Can I still get the waived player fee?


yup thats all you will need for it to get waived


Can’t make any promises, but I’m gonna try to make it to this tournament to play Ultra and PM.


no problem man. but try cuz your goin to have a good time there


It really depends on whether or not my family is gonna be able to let me stay. Its a 3 hour drive for me and my car is kinda iffy on those long drives. I just have to talk to my aunt in Hinesville about letting me crash for the night. If they’re not gonna be there, its no dice.


yeah i understand. no problem bro


Out of curiousity, how many players are expected to show up?


so far its looking to be aaroubd 100 + players that will be there. In 2012 it was around 40 or more then 2013 it was 70 or more. So every year it grows.


be about*


Anyone willing to split the cost of a room for Friday or Saturday?