[Aug 3, 2011] Level|Up x Tournament Legacy Present Weds Night Fights: Summer... (Los Angeles, CA)


Level|Up x Tournament Legacy Present Weds Night Fights: Summer Edition!

Weds Night Fights extends its regimen this summer at a brand new venue, the Four Points Sheraton Hotel! School is out, the heat is on, and the community is hungrier than ever to level up their game! Come out and enjoy casual to high level competition with us to prepare for the summer’s biggest tournaments - SBO AE Quals, EVO, Summer Jam, and much more!

Four Points Sheraton
9750 Airport Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90045-6187
California Ballroom

Food & Drinks Special:
Free water and affordable meals!
Hamburger, quesadillas, pizza, fries, hot dog, buffalo wings, soft drinks, and alcohol available!

Game Lineup
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition - Xbox360
Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Xbox360
Mortal Kombat - PS3
Tekken 6 - PS3
Blazblue: CS2 - PS3
Arcana Heart 3 - PS3

Level|Up Stream:

Offcast Stream:

Community Tournaments:
If you wish to run a tournament, no problem! We can supply empty brackets for you to use however, you will be responsible for running it! We’d appreciate if you would let us know ahead of time by posting in this thread or onsite during registration.

*** Casual Gaming:***
If you wish to just play casuals, we’ll have some setups first come first serve. (Note: tournaments take priority in case other communities wish to run them.)

Registration: $8
This includes spectators
(Girls are free of charge however, they must pay the buy-in to be eligible for any WNF tournaments.)
RSVP your registration via this thread - (Ex. Calipower/AE,MK,MvC3)

SSF4:AE WNF Tournament Buy-in: $5

MvC 3 WNF Tournament Buy-in: $5

MK WNF Tournament Buy-in: $5

Prize Distribution:
1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10%

Parking Fee:
Validated parking before 6:30PM or $7 at the hotel
Street parking is available

Casual/WarmUps Start Time:
6:00PM PST

Tournament Start Time:

Closing Time:

Level|Up President:
Alex Valle

Level|Up Operations Manager:
Jimmy Nguyen

Level|Up Stream Producers:
AJ Papa/Frank Reyes

For more information on Level|Up events or interested in community programs and media, visit our site:

Follow @levelupseries


Facebook Fan Page:

-Tournament Legacy-

John Nelson

Vice President:
Jacob Melby

TL Website:


*Level|Up x Tournament Legacy is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.
*Level|Up x Tournament Legacy staff can eject any groups/individuals that cause harm or malicious intent from WNF at anytime.
*Individuals caught soliciting Level|Up x Tournament Legacy sponsors/clients will be permanently BANNED from ALL Level|Up x Tournament Legacy events.




Excited to go back. Can we get MK9 changed to 5$?

I feel that it’s a bit passed it’s intro phase.


Looks like the fuckery my boss pulled on me won’t be to waste. Off work by 2pm just in time to travel there!


o yeah its back on im ready to pass out some beating


So hotel parking before 6:30pm is free for the whole night with wnf validation?



Might not be able to make it out if I can’t get a ride, but I’ll see what I can manage.


Tape Bot/MVC3


erosentinel/ MVC3


axl / MVC3








NerdJosh - MvC3/AE


GoukenRespek- AE, MK


does anyone have a fight stick I can borrow for the tournament cause I only have a wireless one for the 360?


Kapwan - AE/ Marvel/ MK

I’ll have a setup again. Also I agree with Wonder Chef on raising MK to $5.


Yes sir.

Awesome and granted!



Going into work early, and taking a short lunch to make this, can’t wait! :smiley:


GalzPanic mvc3/ae/mk9
Darth Daniel mvc3