[Aug 31, 2011] Game Warz SSF 4 AE & Marvel VS Cap 3 ALLDAY event! (Cutler Ridge FL)

Game Warz is celebrating our last day before we move into the new venue!!! We are hosting an allday event in S.S.F. 4 A.E. and Marvel vs Capcom 3! Our main events being S.s.F. 4 ae 1v1 and Marvel vs Capcom 1v1’s at 7:00 pm Aug 31, 2011. We will open up starting at 3:00 pm with S.S.F. 4 A.E. 1v1 RANDOMS!!! Marvel Vs Capcom 3 RANDOMS will start around 5:00 pm! Our event will end with a S.S.F. 4 A.E. 2v2 battle starting at 9:00pm!! Game Warz plans on ending the allday evenet around 12:00 am! We also will be trying to host a 3rd Strike 1v1 and other multiple tournies as well if time allows!! See you all there!

Super Street Fighter IV AE- 2:45pm Aug. 31st, Randoms $4.00 to enter, winner takes pot, Double round elimination ONLY! MAIN EVENT- 7:00pm 1v1 are just $5.00 to enter, Best out of 3, Double round elimination, awarding total pot to winner only!
Super Street Fighter IV AE- 2v2’s 9:00pm Aug. 31st, $15.00 per TEAM to enter, 2v2 double round elimination, character change between matches allowed!

Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 5:00 pm Aug 31st, Randoms $4.00 to enter, winner takes pot. Double round elimination ONLY! MAIN EVENT - 7:00pm $5.00 to enter. Best out of 3, double round elimination!

3rd Strike - We will try our best to squeeze this $4.00 RANDOM tourney in before our main events if possible. If not the after our S.S.F 4 A.E. 2v2’s! Double elimination only.

Game Warz will be taking $8.00 out of total pot (T.O. fee) for any RANDOM tournies that we host leaving the rest to winner, We will be taking $5.00 for every 3 contestants from our s.s.f.4 a.e. and marvel vs capcom 3 main event tournies(T.O. fee) and will be taking $5.00 per team for the s.s.f. 4 a.e. 2v2’s!

For any questions call Mike
(305) 801-9296