[Aug 31, 2011] GGA's Windy City Showdown (Team Tournaments) (Brookfield, IL)

Galloping Ghost Arcade, Good Games Live, and Medina4Life present:
Windy City Showdown

Wednesday, August 31st: Team Battle

Galloping Ghost Arcade
9415 Ogden Avenue
Brookfield, IL 60513

Two days before the start of Fighter x Shooter, we are pleased to present the first official Windy City Wednesdays Team Battles. We’ll be holding team tournaments in all three main games, so everybody grab a partner!

The Tournaments: Three will be held, in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Mortal Kombat 9. All entries will consist of teams of two. The tournaments for SSF4: AE and MvC3 will be Waseda-style, double elimination, best of 3 rounds, one match only. The tournament for MK9 will be tag battles, double elimination, best of 3 rounds, one match only. In grand finals for all games, the losing team must defeat the undefeated team twice.

The Setups: If you have a system, game disc, monitor, or cables and you can bring them to the event, please do. We want to make sure we have enough set-ups for both the tournament matches as well as casuals. Be sure to bring your own stick or pad as well.

The Systems: SSF4: AE and MvC3 will be held on both systems, but stream matches will be held only on XBox 360. Please be prepared to have to play matches on both systems, especially the 360 since it will be the preferred system for those two games. If your controller only permits you to play on one system, please inform the tournament organizer when you sign up for the tournament. MK9 will be held entirely on PS3.

The Price: Entry for a team of two into a tournament is $10. There is also a $5 venue fee for attending. Venue fee should be paid to the front desk upon entering Galloping Ghost Arcade. The tournament entry fee should be paid upon signing up for entry into the bracket(s).

The Payout: All tournaments will pay 70/20/10 for top 3 finishing teams.

The Schedule:
3:30 pm - Venue doors open
7:00 pm - Sign-up starts for all tournaments
8:00 pm - SSF4 team tournament begins
8:45 pm - MvC3 team tournament begins
9:30 pm - MK9 team tournament begins
All times approximate

Early Sign-up: If you do not think that you will be able to make it to the venue on time or you would just prefer to have your name entered early, please notify the tournament organizer ahead of time (see below) so you will be entered into the bracket.

The Volunteers: We will need volunteers to help out with the duty of running brackets. Please contact one of the tournament organizers (see below) if you are willing to volunteer. Please note that if you are entered into a tournament, you will not be permitted to run the bracket for that tournament unless there is another volunteer–possibly also entered into the same tournament–available to assist you.

The Rules: All tournaments are character locked i.e. players must use the same character throughout and cannot change. Same character teams–or in the case of MvC3, same 3-character-team teams–are not permitted. For SSF4 and MvC3, Waseda-style team tournaments work as follows: If Team A+B plays against Team X+Y, Player A will play against Player X, followed by Player B playing against Player Y. If Player A and Player Y win, for example, then A will play Y with the winner’s team advancing. If both players on the same team win, then their team advances without the need for a third game. For Mortal Kombat, Kratos and all DLC costumes are banned. All Kombat Kodes, except for No Blood (900 900), are banned. Freddy’s fate is to be determined. PS3 Dualshock Wireless controllers are permitted only with a connecting cord and with the understanding that they must remain off when they are not being used. If any irregularities or disputes occur, the players involved should attempt to resolve them among themselves. If they cannot, only then may it be referred to the tournament organizer.

The Stream: Stream will be provided by Good Games Live, www.ggslive.com

The Tournament Organizers:
CurlyW (Phone 301 404 0316, E-mail maxwasserman@gmail.com
Tactics (Phone 630 433 6979)
If you have any questions or concerns about the event, please contact one of the tournament organizers.

Hope to see everyone there.