[Aug 31, 2012] 2GG X U87 The Return of FNFS (TCS Card Shop)


FNFS will be located in Bellflower, SoCal. If you’re in the south bound LA county area or anywhere in SoCal, come by to this leveling up purposed tournament for UMv3 and Kof Casuals $3 fee. The tournament will start at around 8:30pm and WILL BE STREAMED at www.twitch.tv/uniteightyseven. There several setups of Xbox 360s and PS3s, so we can accommodate players of both systems. We also have converters for ps3/ps2 controllers.
There will be casual setup upon availability.

Here is a list of thing you need to

  1. Registration will start at at 7:00 pm giving people time to warm up and sign up before the tournament starts.

  2. We will collect any fees prior to setting the bracket; usually we don’t have change for the first few people who show up, so please bring change!

  3. To enter is $8 ($3 for Pot, $3 for Venue (only paid once) $1 for monthly tournament bonus pot, more info soon, $1 for maintenance). The prize pot will be split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (60%/30%/10%). Prize pot will consist of all the tournament entry fees collected before tournament, In some cases there may be a bonus.

  4. Tournament will be double elimination, best out of 5 for normal matches, Winner of losers must knock winner into losers bracket to get to Grand Finals, best out of 5.

Casual only players or Spectators are welcome, there is no spectator fee. Don’t forget the stream will be up on www.twitch.tv/uniteightyseven.