[Aug 31, 2012] Online Tournament PS3 Soulcalibur.fr #2 SCV (SoulCalibur.fr)


Welcome everyone to the second edition of online tournaments SoulCalibur.fr!

This edition will be on PS3 and runs Friday, August 31, 2012.

How to register?
Nothing more simple, answer Yes / No / Maybe to this event on SoulCaliburFRand leave a comment to show the character that you use during the tournament.

The tournament will start at 21h Specifically, registration closes 10 minutes before, so at 20:50.
Do not be late.

The sequence is as follows:
Firstly, the players will be invited on an IRC channel created for the tournament so that everyone can communicate in joy and rage.
For those who do not know what IRC is simply go to this address: webchat.quakenet.org then enter your username (try to match your PSN / GAMERTAG) and enter “# TourSCFR” as the name of channel (for any questions do not hesitate to come to the chat #SCFR or ask questions directly here).

To facilitate the tournament, all players must join the same coliseum, our choice was that of Dublin.

Once registration closes, a Challonge will be established with the participants.
The tournament will be a double elimination tree (commonly known as winners / losers bracket) and each match will be best of 5.

The rules are as follows:

-3 rounds of 60 sec, 3 winning matches.
-Random-Stage, the loser has the option to keep or change (always random)
-Custom made characters prohibited, changing colors of the original characters is allowed.
-Viola prohibited
-Counter-pick prohibited.
-Using Turbo prohibited.

If any of these rules are not respected, the match will be given to another player (3 rounds to 0) and the game will continue after a deliberation admin SCFR.

To contact us : #SCFR, @hazuSC, @SoulCaliburFR, SoulCaliburFR