[Aug 31, 2012] SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING HEAT04: For a Few Skillion More <CVS2,VSAV,A2> (Brooklyn, NY)


If you forget where you came from, how will you know where you’re headed…?


[INDENT=1]The Guardians of Skillionaire & Next Level Arcade Present:[/INDENT]


For a Few Skillion More

The 4th and FINAL HEAT is upon us! Who will walk away The Last Skillionaire of the Summer? And who will retire to a life of Wealth and Luxury as The Grand Multi-Skillionaire Champion of 2012?!

\ HEAT04 //

Next Level Arcade
4013 8th Avenue (In-between 40th and 41st street)
Brooklyn, NY 11232347-618-8813
D Train or M Train to 9th Avenue // Alternative:** B35** Bus to 8th Avenue

Venue Fee: $10
Entry Fee: $3/Game (only $9 to enter all three tournaments!)

Day & Session Start: Friday, August 31th @7PM
Practice Sessions: 5pm - 7pm
Sign-Ups: 6pm - 7pm

Featured Titles
**CAPCOM vs SNK 2 **(PS2 - Default Options (Timer 999, Dmg 2, Speed 3)

**VAMPIRE SAVIOR **(PS2 - [Dipswitch Setting: 1997/05/19ver] Default Damage (DMG 2), Default Timer (99), Speed Setting: TURBO 3, No speed/mode selection)

STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 2 (PS2 - [Dipswitch Setting: 1996/04/30ver] - Default Settings (Turbo2, Timer (99))

BREAKERS REVENGE (Via Emulator - Special Presentaiton : 5v5 Poverty Exhibition)

Tournament Format
First Place Prize: There is no pot split, this is WINNER-TAKE-ALL**!** That’s right, walk away with a fat check and a stack of SKILLIONS!

Double Elimination
– Winner of a set (2/3 games) Advances, loser gets a second and final chance in the Losers Bracket to fight to the top of the grid.
Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals: WILL ALL BE 2-out-of-3 GAMES (First to two wins)

Bracket Assignment
– Skill Level Seeding – Players are awared points based on their placement in the respective tournament entered. Participants will be seeded/arranged in brackets based on total accumulated points from prior $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING tournaments (regardless of team affiliation or region). Top4 will usually be seeded unless total # entrants exceeds 15players in which top8 will then be seeded.

Prizes & MVP Awards

For each of the Four Heats (Events), players have a shot at earning points toward the winning the Grand Prize which will be awarded at the end of the $KILLIONAIRE FIGHTING Season (Aug 31st, \HEAT4//). The player with the highest total points for CVS2, VSAV & A2 will be awarded with the grand prize and will be crowned as the “2012 $killionaire Champion” for their respective title!


TS|Min (30)
Snaaaake (15)
Troy (7)
Caliagent#3 (6)
Master Chibi (4)
Sanford (4)
Vat (3)
TS|NerdJosh (2)
Shag (2)
Jeremy (2)
Apollo (2)
El Bandito (2)
Da Troll (1)
Donut (1)
FC|ChrisG (1)
Baco (1)

[KPB|EMP]Hiro (20)
Anakron (12)
Apollo (11)
TS|NerdJosh (7)
Shag (6)
Booty Clapper (5)
Snaaake (5)
WashedUpScrub (4)
Green Tea (3)
Kajoq (2)
ChrisG (2)
Master Chibi (2)
JapaDog|Ailerus (1)
Knight of Zero (1)
Da Troll (1)

Baco (16)
Apollo (14)
Kajoq (10)
Shag (6)
TSB|DaiAndOh (6)
KnightofZero (5)
TS|NerdJosh (4)
JapaDog|Ailerus (2)
TS|Deni (2)
DreamyRobot (2)
Bed Warrior (2)
Sketch (1)
SteelyHawke (1)
Einsenheim (1)

SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING \ \HEAT03// Smirnoff's Revenge <8/10>
The D.M.V. (DC_Maryland_Virginia)
Next Level Arcade, NYC

5v5 Team Poverty Exhibition

FINAL HEAT Poverty Expo Title
Breakers Revenge (Platform FBA/MAME)

5v5 Team Event, Character Lock, No Character Repeats on team*, Pokemon Style Elimination (Winner Stays), 2/3 Games

*subject to change

…Poverty just got poorer.

NOTE: As in the previous Poverty Exhibitions, this 5v5 team event will be free entry with spots awarded to the firsts who wish to participate. We’re mainly looking for players who have at least some experience with the game and have at some point played or attempted to play at a competitive level (e.g. a semi/serious casual session with someone). If you can’t remember your character’s special moves and/or haven’t played in a while then it’s recommended you chip off some of the rust and practice up beforehand or perhaps just sit it out (Don’t get embarrassed on stream! lol). Looking forward to presenting some Grade-A (or Grade-E?? :confused: ) Poverty!!!


I’m in there. Can’t let Min go a clean 4 for 4.

I’ll be there repping USA to the fullest.


Looking forwards to seeing everyone for this final heat. Let’s fun having…!


Man, if I weren’t so poverty, I’d hand out bounties to players who take out Min in CVS2 lol. Good stuff on making time to come out though. There are skillions to be had!

Obligatory Bump & Update

Friday, August 31st @7PM
This will be THE LAST SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING 2012 EVENT IN THE SERIES. Done, finito, gone, hasta la bye bye, laaaast gaaame, etc. I can’t really say anything else to emphasize how concluded this will be after this Friday but if you miss it - oooh boy - gonna suck to be you.

Neck & Neck for Multi-Skillionaire Grand Prizes
As you guys should know by now, SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING is a ranbat series where players can accumulate points for favorable seeding in each following event and rack-up towards earning the Grand Prize handed out at the completion of the series. If you scroll up to the CURRENT RANKINGS section of the opening post, you’ll see the scores for all SKILLIONAIRE FIGHTING titles.

Looking at VSAV in particular, I have to say that I’m going to be very excited to see the outcome of this considering there are a number of players who can potentially dip their hands into the skillionaire jar and walk away, just barely, with the grand prize. SFA2 leaves room also for some potential upsetssssss. And while CVS2 is currently being dominated by some random dude…This doesn’t mean the chance to steal the final check away from the point leader isn’t there. Go get what’s yours!!!

NOTE: Just wanted to mention that in the event of a TIED SCORE FOR THE GRAND PRIZE players will have to battle it out with ONE MORE LAP in a final and deciding 2/3 game match. Three or more ties for grand prize will be settled by 2/3 game ROUND ROBIN.

Come @Me!
Finally, I’d like to post a challenge to ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GET AT ME IN TMNT: TOURNAMENT FIGHTERS please let me know!!! I’ll likely have the game running on my laptop the entire time at the venue. I heard that a few ppl wanted to get at me the last few events but were TOO BITCH (j/k) to come and see meeeee. Seriously though, I any of you guys want to get in some casuals or want to learn the bs around TF, don’t hesitate to ask. I love TF too much to pass on games!



If you need a copy of CvS2, let me know by Thursday night so I can bring it.


Bring shit, whatever you can ! XD
The more original copies we have on site the better. if you have PS2, even more better!

That being said…

(2) Copies of each title (CVS2/VSAV/A2), Original copies preferred but not necessary
(2) PS2 Units, Something that can play copies/burns is good in case we can’t get original disks
Swap Magic Disks if anyone has
Memory Card Hack if anyone has, REMEMBER to burn multiple copies FOR THE CARD HACK, normal burns won’t work w/ card hack unfortunately
Your sticks, bring 'em!!

Anyone contributing, POST UPPPPP!



Aiight I’ma bring my PS2 copy of CvS2 then, getting excited now.


Damn. . .I fucking hype for Breakers #R now!!!

Let’s gooooooooooo

EDIT: damn was so hype for got to mention:

There will be a FREE Breakers Revenge qualifier today to determine how teams will be arranged for the Poverty Expo. It will be capped at 10 entries (as the team event is 5v5), so first come first serve. More than likely I’ll make the top2 captains or something, it really depends on how sharp everyone is (I’ll be watching ALL of the matches).

Format will be:
ONE GAME (set to 3/5 rounds)
NO CHARACTER LOCK (but the 5v5 WILL be char lock/no char repeats)

I’ll be running this off my laptop =p


might be little late but I will be there. sign me up for cvs2 and alpha2 plz…:woot:


Results thread up!!! Vids a bit later (sorry)