[Aug 31, 2012] ***UCC*** 'UPPER'-Cut Championship (Fort Worth, TX)


Ask anyone that has been to our Texas Bar Fights or last UCC if you want to know who we are.

Online registration here

The ‘UPPER’-Cut Championship is a cooperative effort of tournament organizers in and around Texas. Tournament organizers from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana frequently work together to build the fighting game community in the southwest. For more information check out www.uppercutcircuit.com

Labor Day weekend 2012, August 31st-September 2nd

Hotel Reservation Link: https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx?Hotel=12552&Chain=5968&group=UPPER+CUT+CIRCUIT

UCC will be held at the American Airlines Training Conference Center in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. There will be guest rooms available for $69.99 per night (note: they will only accommodate two people as they are smaller in size). There are single bed and double bed rooms. Be sure to mention that you are attending the ‘UPPER’-Cut Championship video game tournament in order to get the room deal.

The main room has over 3500 square feet of space. There are other open areas as well for registration and sponsors that puts the available space over 5,500 square feet.

There is an onsite cafeteria with very reasonably priced fair, an onsite bar located just next to the outdoor pool. There are also other restaurants within a short distance from the venue.

Check out their website for all the amenities they offer. It is quite a spectacular place.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE:2012 on XBOX
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on XBOX
Street Fighter X Tekken on XBOX
King of Fighters 13 on XBOX
Blazblue CS:EX on XBOX
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown on XBOX
Mortal Kombat 9 on PS3
Soul Calibur V on PS3
Skullgirls on XBOX/PS3
Persona 4 Arena on XBOX
Tekken 6 on PS3

Friday: Meet and greet day - Get to know your teams day - Get signed up or else day
8:00am Setup
12:00pm Casuals/Late Registration Starts/Badge and Shirt pick-up
4:00pm Team tournament signups 2v2 for SSF4:AE, UMvC3, P4, other interests
7:00pm Team tournies start
10:00pm Casuals until close around 12:00am

Saturday: Singles Tourney Day
9:00am Venue opens for Casuals/Shirt pickup/Final Pools Posted (with late registrants added)
10:00am “A” Pools Open
12:00pm “B” Pools Open
2:00pm “C” Pools Open
4:00pm “D” Pools Open
6:00pm Auction tourney bidding starts (Games TBA)

Sunday: Finals day (game order TBD) - Throwback tourney day - Raffle day (must be present to win)
9:00am Doors open for Casuals
10:00am Tekken 6 top 4/Second Chance Tournies Start
11:00am SC5 top 4
12:00pm MK9 top 4/Throwback signups start
1:00pm Skullgirls top 4
2:00pm Blazblue CS:Extend top 4
3:00pm Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown top 4
4:00pm Street Fighter X Tekken top 4
5:00pm King of Fighters 13 top 4
6:00pm Persona 4 top 4
7:00pm Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition ver.2012 top 8
8:30pm Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 top 8

One time venue fee: Early Registration $25, Regular Registration $30, Emergency Registration (no regional seeding) $40
Online registration here
All games will be $10 entry

Coming Soon but most rules are Evo standard anyway these days

This is a bring your own controller event. Please bring your own controller/stick/converter to aide in the speed of the tournament.

–Second Chance Tournies–
First 8-16 (depending on size of original tourney) players knocked out of the singles tournaments get put in the Second Chance Tournaments for free. The prize will be a $25 BestBuy gift card. If 16 players show up, the winner has to beat a lot of people. If only 1 person shows up, that person still gets the gift card

–Throwback Tournies–
These are for those OG gamers that still hold onto their beloved games of the past. Look for titles like SF3:3SOE or ST. Games are subject to interest, so make your voice be heard.

Dallas’ very own stream team, Boomgorillas, will be streaming all the major events over the course of the weekend, so your friends back home - that should have come but didn’t - can watch.


Side Tourney: Persona 4 Arena Team 2v2

The UCC TO’s were kind enough to allow us to share the venue with them for this event.

Will probably run alongside the singles main tournament

$10 per Team
Fees will be collected at the venue.

Double elimination bracket
Waseda Style

Come grab a friend and head on down Labor Day Weekend. Also don’t forget to preregister early online for the main tournament. I will be putting in $1-200 into the pot for this event.


Persona 4 teams and singles? hypehypehype. Will not miss this!!


Teams? Aw man i ain’t got no Okies to team with yo


Well I have to go to this. If Barfights was just a tasty taste, then this is going to be damn delicious. I’ll also keep track of my matches this time. lol.


I hope we can make it :slight_smile:


Just confirmed ChrisG and Wolfkrone will be coming down for this!

Edited Schedule a little bit


Just a heads up, for Soul Calibur 5.
A while ago the rules changed to everything 3/5, Viola’s back grab infinite is banned and Hilde’s C2B infinite was banned.

Well a double change has happened so that Hilde’s infinite has been UNBANNEd because it really isn’t an infinite, so ya.


Can’t wait for another VF tourney.


Free UCC T-shirts for anyone whopre-registers by August 21st.


Argh no open rooms for the hotel?


Are you using the code “UPPER” or “UPPER CUT CIRCUIT”? The first link cuts off the CUT CIRCUIT which is needed to make reservations.


Thanks alot it wasn’t working before but its all good now.


Wait wait! I will get the link to work. Try clicking on this https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx?Hotel=12552&Chain=5968&group=UPPER+CUT+CIRCUIT


Updated the tournament schedule


For those who are wondering, the P4A Team Tournament is a charity tournament. This is held solely for supporting the game and fostering team-building your own communities. The hope is for you to have a fun time!!!


Hey guys first time attending a tournament and was curious to know if I’m interpreting the schedule properly. It mentions Friday is the “sign up or else” day so does that mean even if I preregistered I still need to show up day 1 to sign in? If so I need to go make some scheduling arrangements with my job cause I only got sat/sun off thinking Friday would just be teams so I wouldn’t need to worry about showing up. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated =)


Do spectators still have to pay the venue fee?


It’s totally free for spectators


This is not working for me.