** Aug 31st Anderson , SC SFA3 , MvC2 and ST**


Street Fighter Alpha 3
1st Kevin Michael "Jabroni Kenshin"
2nd Jae Purvis "ShinRyuX"
3rd Danny Miller "Wiggle Super"
4th Kyah Hicks "BobSmack"
5th James Brenner "Jive Turkey Jones"
5th Eric Petersen "DoomsdayKen"
7th Raph Bendy "SSJ George Bush"
7th Charles Withers "The Iceman"
9th Samuel Ackerman "DrFunkenstien2k"
9th Lamont Prince "Ghettoize"
9th Tyler Cleveland ""Jubei_03"
9th Tay Garrett "Taluncy"
13thTed King "LiquiTed"
13th Jordan Harvey "Dark Akuma"
13th William Harrison "TaZ"
13th Kevin Hutchins "EvilGouki"
17th Dan Auvil "Dantastic"
17th Rod West "juggrknott"
17th Michael Gibson "Tak"
17th Tolly (?)

The SFA3 tournament was probably the highlight of the day with 20 entries (more than either the MvC2 or ST tournaments) and the most nail-biting nerve wracking finals I’ve seen in a long time . Jae Purvis and Kevin Michael both swept through the winners bracket to meet in the winners semi-finals when Kevin sent Jae to the losers bracket to meet Danny Miller’s A-Zangief for the loser bracket semi’s . Jae sends Danny to the 3rd place finsh and meets Kevin for the finals needing to win 2 sets of 4 out of 7 matches . Jae takes the first set to even the field and after a brief break they begin the 2nd set going the full 7 matches and both down to mere pixels of health left when Kevin’s V-Ryu barely pulls off the win against Jae’s V-Sakura .

MvC2 Mini-results…
1st Jae Purvis "ShinRyX"
2nd Kevin Hutchins "EvilGouki"
3rd Eric Peterson “DoomsdayKen” aka "Lord Doom"
4th Sora Arrington "Tron li"
5th Sami Ackerman "DrFunkenstien2k"
5th Rod West “juggrknott”

SSF2T Mini-results…
1st Jae Purvis "ShinRyuX"
2nd Kevin Michael "Jabroni Kenshin"
3rd Eric Peterson "Doomsdayken"
4th Lamont Prince "Ghettoize"
5th Ted King "LiquiTed"
5th Danny Miller “Wiggle Super”

Full results for MvC2 and SSF2T can be found on the front page of Shoryuken.com and on the Outer Limits Tournament results page of Shoryuken.com as well .

Thanks to everyone who helped make this another great event .
See you next time !



Had a Great Time!

I just want to say that I had a great time while I was down here. Thanks so much for the hospitality Sami. I know Rod and I really appreciated it. Congrats to Jae on your real strong showing yesterday. Great job! Kevin(Evil Gouki), man I had a great time fighting you in the MvC2 tourney, both times. Oh yea, next time I’m gonna finish that damn Cable air combo :cool: :evil: I must also say it was great to see the Fayetteville crew show up and rock the old school games and congrats to Kevin(Jabroni Kenshin) on his 2nd in ST and 1st in A3. That was a great finals in A3, truely awesome. :slight_smile:

Hope to get back there some time, especially since I’m in the top 10 in the A. South in ST and MvC2. :lol: Hopefully next time I’ll be able to chill a while longer and hang out after the tourney more. I miss XvSF :frowning:

Great seeing y’all again.


PS, I’d love to hear some feedback on those ST versions of CvS2 and/or the TMNT vs. G.I. Joe MvC2s. :smiley: And Sami and Kev, “Slaughterize 'em!” :lol:


I had a blast at the tournament yesterday. I did slack in Alpha 3 but I didn’t really expect to do all that great in it because I only get to play it when I go to Ted’s house. After watching those tense Alpha 3 finals I have a new respect for that game. That shit was the fucking bomb. I want to get good at that game but I may be a little late at that seeing as how I am far behind and all but I am still gonna try to play it because it is fun to play and probably one of if not the funnest game to watch. I got beat by Jae in MVC2 but it’s all good. It has been a long time coming because I kept beating Jae in tournaments everytime I played him si I knew it could catch up to me eventually. I almost brought it back though but oh well NEXT TIME GADGET…NEXT TIME. I know you people say well you have to qualify for the mvc2 part of the team tournament and all but we have a pretty good idea of who it will be on the team. We need to practice as much as possible on that game if we have a hope at having a shot against Florida and New Orleans. I feel good about my 3S progressing as well as Ted and Sami. I think if we keep this up we could get real good at this game but we need to include the rest of Team SC so they can get better too. I think I am gonna stick with Remy cuz for some reason I just find him fun to play with. Well I had a blastI will say again and Jae you are too good man. Next tournament I will get my revenge punk LOL.

Ted try to set the next tournament date soon man so out of state peopple will have ample enough time to plan for it.




man the Remixes are too good and ST music on CvS2 makes the game almost fun…almost :smiley:

3S workout tonight ?..and BTW…love the new avatar :slight_smile:



This tournament was really awesome. And I’d to thank the members of the Fayateville crew for showing up and demonstrating what SF is all about. Also, thanks go out to Rod and Erik for coming all the way out to Anderson to make this tournament happen. Here’s a brief insight on each tournament. Please forgive me if I have misquoted teams/team order or final scores. My brain is like a rust bucket.

I been wanting a strong Alpha3 following in SC for a long time and maybe now it’ll happen! The finals were very good. Kevin played extremely well. I believe the final scores were 4-3(Purvis) to 4-3(Michael) since Kevin won winner’s bracket he only had to win 1 set. Nearly all games went to full 3 rounds which meant that we played close to 42 rounds. I think next time we hold an Alpha3 tournament, we should have it earlier. Alpha3 takes a ton of energy and during the matches my right hand kinda cramped up. :bluu:

The Marvel tournament was alo very intense. And yes, Kevin(Evil Gouki). I think you’ve beaten me in like 3 tournaments so I think it’s time that I won once for a change! Haha. But I know we’ll play again so I’ll practice up on Marvel.



The finals were pretty tight. The finals score were 4-2(Hutchins) 4-2(Purvis). And yes I used Cable for 2 fights then switched back to Sentinel. Kevin made a great comeback with Commando against my Storm/Commando in the 1st set. Squeeze that face into Kgroove!!! Haha. By large, most games were really close unless i got shot which happened serveral times or if i’d land a big dhc combo. Congrats to the top finishers.

The ST tournament matches weren’t quiet as stressful as Alpha3 but were also very good. Danny from Fayateville played a very good Guile which I thought was going to win against my O. Ken. Kevin played his signature character N.Ryu while I played O. Ken and O. Sagat. The finals was Kevin’s N. Ryu vs. O. Sagat. I started with O. Ken to win a game but Kevin matched up after getting used to my playing style with Ken. Although watching Sagat throwing 1000 tiger shots may be boring but I was racing to drain Ryu’s energy as quickly as possible before he developed a super. During one round, Kevin’s Ryu looked like it was dancing by doing constant shoryukens, hurrican kicks to evade tiger shots. If Ryu got a super and cornered me, I’d usually lose but if I could keep zoning him, I usually won. In the end, the score was 4-1 with Sagat winning.

Hopefully, we can have a tournament including more SF games. My favorite has always been the alpha series so I’m really happy that this game has gotten some attention. Maye we can see other SF like 3S or something even like SFA2 taking off in popularity. SFA2 is just as exciting, if not more, as SFA3. SF will Never die! And again, thanks for everyone in SC and NC who participated.



Damn! It looks like I missed a great Outer Limits tournament. 20 fools in A3!!!:eek: :eek: It sucks for me.:frowning: Congrads to Jae for holding the ST title. O.Ken owns me for free.:frowning: I’ll be back with my “Muscle Kick and Muscle Punch” for the next tournament.:smiley: :evil: Kevin hutchins, Jae whooped you in MvC2.:stuck_out_tongue: Good job Jae, because I was wondering if anyone in SC was going to stop kevin from winning or being the highest SC player in the MvC2 tournament. I think kevin has been playing other games besides MvC2 lately. that’s a good thing kevin Hopefully when I come the NC people well be back to defend their crown. He must have been good to beat Jae, because I couldn’t touch V-ism Akuma.:frowning: Well maybe i’ll have to learn Alpha 3 now. Now if 3S could sneak into the O.L. tournaments then the O.L. tournaments will be unmatched in the south region. I wish ya’ll had CvS2.:confused: But I know that game is not liked in SC. Damn I missed out on a great tournament. Oh well, i’ll be there next time.


Lots of fun. I’ve become reinterested in Alpha 3 after winning 4th OUT OF 21, yet I don’t want to practice because of the team tourney (ADD ALPHA 3!!!)




Had a great time. Good to meet a lot of people from SC as well as team Fayetteville… everybody was mad cool.

A3 finals were fun to watch (like everybody has been saying).

Special thanks to Sami for the hospitality.

Take care, all…



Wow, Jae is too good:)

Congrats for the 1st place.

I’m scared…:frowning: :slight_smile:


man I had a great time at the Anderson Tourney, very cool to meet some peeps and others I haven’t seen since Charlotte. Ted and Kyah thanx for doing a great job organizing these events. Hope we can make more, but its gonna be very tuff for us to have time to make it, but we’ll try. Hopefully if we start hosting some events you guys can make it down considering we’re between Atlantic South and North. heh we’ll call em Civil Wars :smiley:

Jae, man all I gotta say is outstanding, top notch play as I remembered from you. Those finals were down to the last straw, you were doing a great comeback. Much respect to you Jae!!! O.Sagat was a terror to deal with :eek:

Jug, good to have finally met you man. Eric as always good to see you again. Sami when FUDDRUCKERS opens we’ll have to go there together and chow down :smiley: hehe

In all I had a good time, hope I can make it to more but the way things have been goin it seems like we average 1 tourney a year haha. Hopefully now I hope more n more ppl get interested with A3/ST and start having a bigger following. Thanx again


I had a blast!

Jae and Kev congrats!

A3 rocks, but 3S is better!

Fuddruckers, My bad! :confused: we will get there!



Wow it seems that you had some great matches.

Anyway once again congrats to all that have participated in the tourney.


You mine next time Purvis!!!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

So when are we doing this play for spots thing for the team tournament???

I am pumped about this team tournament and I think we can do good in it at least like 2nd or 3rd as long as all the people that end up on the team stay in practice and all. Now cvs2 part who knows we probably wont do that hot in that cuz hardly anyone plays it here. 3S we should do pretty good in it and ST we will do well in. I cant wait for this tournament and while I am not sure it will end up being that cool and all it will be cool to hang with Mix and all the rest of my out of town people.Anyway I am out





congrats to all the winners…good stuff :slight_smile:

sorry i couldn’t make it…one of these days i swear! lol


I’m jacking your avatar! Sorry but it owns, and I love chun li in 3S. Sorry but I had to jack you sami! I point my avatar gat at sami “Give it up fool”:lol: :lol: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:


werd! congrats to my man kevin for winning alpha3! i knew all those old skool sessions back in the day would pay off, teaching the V style of death. good job bro.

and good job to jae! nothing but props to you man. maybe one day our paths will cross again, its been a while…


Props to Ken and Jae! Sabre? V? It’s the “A” style of death! :stuck_out_tongue: jk



werd up Apoc, i dont care what a3 haters say, A can still compete IMO. plus you got some wins with a-rog at japan vs usa 2. thats what im talkin bout


Thanks Sabre, Apoc. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you guys. I tried to go to the majors this past summer but didn’t happen :bluu: There’s next year! Well maybe.


well im trying to plan a trip to VA sometime in the near future and will definitely hit up NC atleast to see the guys again. we’ll have to get something together if it happens. i would love to see everyone again