** Aug 31st Anderson , SC SFA3 , MvC2 and ST**


We have heard alot about you…I hope you come to VA would be interesting to watch you play…



don’t forget we have a KI up here too :slight_smile:


Word Scott. Just let me know when you’ll be in the area. Haven’t seen you in a minute. Later man.


ive seen sabre play he whooped my ass good:lol:


Yeah what up Scott you promised me a match of KI next time you were in the area at that crazy tournament in Charlotte that time. Do I have to drive to sova to get it? :slight_smile:


hehe, kyah. im always down for some ki games dood. same goes for VA guys. that would be fun…

we’ll see what will happen.

yay won a3 tourney last night with v-cody, and very, VERY little v-akuma usage. GO MIDDLE TIER!


Well keep us SC peeps posted. We’ll make the trip.