[Aug 6, 2011] [Aug 6th 2011] North Florida Monthly Mayhem - SSF4AE & MvC3... (Tallahassee, FL)

Saturday August 13th, Tallahassee FL,

Tourney sign ups from 12-1pm

All tourneys will be run on 360. Bring your own controllers. Systems will be supplied by the venue. We will need extra copies of the games.

Venue fee - 5 Dollars
Entry Fees
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: $10
Marvel vs Capcom 3 $10
Mortal Kombat 9: $10
Super Street Fighter II Turbo $5

For each game 1st place gets 70% - 2nd 20% - 3rd 10% (Super Turbo is pending on this)

Start Times
1pm MvC 3
2pm MK 9
3pm Super Turbo

4pm SSF4 AE

Post up what games you would like to play in, your srk name and what city you are representing.

General Rules
All games will be played best 2/3 except for loser, winner and grand FINALS ONLY, which will be best 3/5.
All events are double elimination unless an event should have less than 8 players, the style will then be converted to a Round Robin Style.
There will be separate stations for Friendlies, more than likely on ps3, and those will be reserved for friendlies, please do not use tourney setups for friendlies.

Post here to RSVP and let me know what you will be entering! Hope to see yo guys there and if someone wants to help get a stream going, let me know.

3S - Tally
Folken Fanel - Gainesville
MrFTW - Tally

3S - Tally
MrFTW - Tally


3S - Tally
Folken Fanel - Gainesville
GuileMike - Tally

Sign me up for AE and ST. Gainesville, FL.

Might bring my scrub wolverine to marvel but I’m hesitating to sign up for that…

is this remixed ST?

I’m in for ST and MK9

I thinking Arcade ST, who plays REMIX? god… lmao. yeah i want to keep it old school with that. HDR isn’t as solid in my opinion.

So you’re bringing a cab? Cool.

Mahvel and Skeetfighter

You can use the comments when you RSVP to help keep an idea of who’s playing what


Look up

We can run ST off of an emulator unless someone has a supergun setup. It’s ghetto but it works. I’m down for Marvel and AE.

whats wrong with classic version of ST on HDR?

can we call this tournament something else i want people to think the majority of us are straight

I will try to attend, not very good but still sounds like a lot of fun.


Sweet! I was just about to come in here and say that I couldn’t make it on the 6th. Good shit.

Take me off AE

ill make my best efforts to come out to this but no promises. this will be right around when i move back to gainesville so it might be too troublesome.

So looks like I’ll be able to come to this after all (dragging a few gainesvillians with me).

What is ST being played on?

I’m coming from Gainesville to get bodied in marvel. Stay free.

I believe that we’re going to be using HD REmix on classic mode