[Aug 6, 2011] Pinball Wizard Arcade Tournament Series #1 (Pelham, N.H.)

i can bring MVC3, my 360, 2 controllers and SSF4 Arcade Edition

xbox, bbcs x2, ssfivae x2, mvc x1, 1 stick, and a monitor

I want to go just because it’s an arcade

I can bring a console with MVC3 (no DLC) and SSFIV:AE, no MK9 though!

Are you going to have a extra stick on the PS2? I would enter this.

Unfortunately i brought my console home last week and I can’t bring it, or a stick or a monitor :frowning: but I will be coming to this :D. I’ll get there around 2:30 and hopefully i can still get into ae singles, but if not, I’ll play some marvel.

This weekend is gonna be sick…This tourney at an amazing venue…then Foxwoods Casino on Sunday…YEAHHHH BOIII

Yo Guilty Gearrr! Let’s do this.

Also, I also think we should run MK9 on PS3, and would like to see DLC characters allowed. It’d also be great if you’d make a thread on Test Your Might (here)!

If you run the tournament on PS3, I can bring a system. Might be able to bring a TV as well.

I will be bringing my PS2 stick, and you are welcome to use it.

I should be at the tournament, Alex! Do you think I could get my stick or has it not been worked on yet :x


Yeah I’ll second or third this or whatever, I’d prefer to play on PS3.

id like to go to this but cant this weekend…

Yo, this is Crown from dustloop, made an account here just for this event :smiley:

I am hype despite not having practiced anything!

We aim to please, so the MK players who have posted please bring all the necessary setups to run it on PS3. DLC CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED. We will only need 3-4 setups so plan accordingly or else it will be on Xbox as originally planned. For those who were going to bring monitors: DON’T. We have the room setup with 10 Tv’s and a projector already with no need for more. Plus wouldnt want anyone to carry more than they have to! Just consoles, sticks, pads, necessary DLC downloaded etc. guys. Let me know what else you may need and we can make the necessary alterations. On Friday afternoon i’ll compile everything that people are bringing and pray everyone follows through lol.

Just for my own knowledge, why PS3? Is it similar to that frame problem with SSF4 PS3/Xbox?

Just an update for people, and to be clear, while we appreciate everyone wanting to help out and try to bring monitors, we have exactly 9 CRTs already set up (yes, like right now) in the room at PWA and a projector as well. So that’s 10 set ups all ready to go–just waiting for systems and games to be plugged in on saturday.

Tom, you still planning on streaming cause Adam has a 100ft ethernet cord and we’ve got space planned for you to use as well.

Also, Windjammers tournament on the NeoGeo cabinet (this will also be in the room) is happening before we run the games to get all the hype going for the day. $5 venue fee gets you 5 bucks in tokens to use in the arcade for down time too (or to practice windjammers…).

yo dam! a stream station that is not withing ear shot of the players, wholy crap, gdlk. i’m hype

I’ll bring a PS3 setup for MK.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but PS3 is my preference because that’s what I own controllers for. However I have heard there’s weird stuff with patches on the 360 version, like the console has to be connected to the Internet at all times and if it’s not you’ll be playing on the unpatched version, or something like that.

That problem is for the “hotfixes” only, and the latest patch was a real patch, and is normal on 360 online or off now. I’d rather it run on 360 just because I have a fight pad for it, if anybody owns a madcatz fightpad or something like it for the ps3 and would let me borrow it if they run MK9 on PS3, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks! :china:

Looking for partners for Marvel, I didn’t realize this was a 3v3 team tournament haha I have me and my buddy coming up it would suck if we drove all the way over there and not play.

If I go I’ll play with you, but I will use Phoenix, and I’m not that good…But I use Phoenix, so that makes up for it.

Edit: Nevermind, I think I have to partner with another friend.

If I can’t find any other people, I’ll team with you. I’m… decent but extremely out of practice.