[Aug 7, 2011] War at the Shore: Super Street Fighter IV AE Tournament (Spring Lake Heights, NJ)

All participants must pay a $15 entrance fee either in advance or at the door. Players are welcome to bring their own controllers.
[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=#ffff00]
Part 1: Pool Play
[]Players will be divided into groups depending on the number of participants.
]Players will play one match (3 rounds 99 second time limit) against all other players in their respective groups.
[]Top 3 of each group will advance to the elimination round. (Ties will be broken by head to head record)
]No Banned Characters
Part 2: Elimination Round
[]Best of three matches
]Final 4: Best of 5. Championship match: Best of 7)
[]99 second time limit & default health & handicap
]No characters banned
[]Winner must keep same character, but may change ultras Loser may select new character and ultra.
]Blind selection is available if requested.

Award amounts are subject to number of registrants, but will be set up as follows:
[][FONT=Arial]1st: 50% of pot[/FONT]
][FONT=Arial]2nd: 25% of pot[/FONT]
[*][FONT=Arial]**3rd: 15% of pot or $15, whichever is greater
The remaining money is used to cover expenses in advetising, room fee and setup costs.

  1. that tournament layout is random as hell
  2. you’re posting a reminder for an event 3 days before it happens
  3. you had a thread War at the Shore: SSF IV Tournament. Spring Lake, NJ 7/15/11 but i guess you never bothered to update or get interest going in the thread.
  4. what advertising could you possibly have done to constitute taking from the pot for it?
  5. step your game up and good luck

I can help you at a later date but most ppl/real players are going to the break tonight?

also your set up is insane, 50% these things are for the players not for venues

Plus, it’s on a Monday from 2PM to 5PM. Who the hell is gonna be able to go to that tourney? Pfft.

Award amounts are subject to number of registrants.

^^ This is why no one will come. Must be the owner or the owner’s son posting this. Good luck and tip your waitresses.

Why does this show every day on the calendar? Gets annoying when scanning down the list for tournaments…

Format is whack anyway …

you know shits shady when shits spelled wrong