[Aug 7, 2012] Persona 4 Arena 24 Hour Charity Tournament - August 7 @ 12AM (San Mateo, CA)






(Art provided in flyer 3 & 4 were specifically made for this Charity Event by Paxiti. Thank you for the help!

Date: 8/7/12
Time: 12AM PST (8/7) - 12AM PST (8/8)
Venue: 47 South B Street, San Mateo, CA, 94402
Stream: www.twitch.tv/finestko
Facebook Events Page: www.tinyurl.com/P4UCharity
Charities: Second Harvest Food Bank and Chicks in Crisis.

Venue Fee $8 ($4 to the venue, $4 to the Charities).

Schedule (PST):

Descriptions of SIDE EVENTS below the schedule.

2AM *Waifu Wars
4AM *NOS Powerup
6AM (Single) Tournament
9AM Q/A with Viewers
Noon (Team) Tournament
2PM *Cosplayer time
3PM (Single) Tournament
5PM *Second Harvest Food Bank
6PM (Team) Tournament
9PM (Single) Tournaments
24Hrs *All Out Attack/Charity MMs
*** Charity MM Exhibitions will be held when there are no events or matches happening on the stream. Below are examples of certain Charity MM sets.
– $5 – Best 2/3 (Matches)

  • $10 - Best 3/5 (Matches)
  • $50 First to 7 (Matches)
  • $100 First to 10 (Matches)

Side Event Description:

Waifu Wars (2AM): Cabinets are assigned numbers and a specific Persona 4 character figurine. The player with the highest win streak on each cabinet receives the Persona 4 figurine that was assigned to the respective cabinet.

Nos Powerup (4AM): This side event hopes to highlight players who are willing to do long sets against another individual for practice or pride. Players may signup during or prior to the side event to participate. Two players will play in a first to 3 wins or first to 5 (match) wins. The loser will be required to POWERUP (to defeat his opponent) and drink a wagered amount of NOS (no bigger than a shot) after each match loss. The victor will be awarded one point, which will be added towards winning a copy of Persona 4 Arena (Ps3)!

Q/A with Viewers (9AM): Stream viewers can ask questions by tweeting with #P4UCharity. Questions will be answered by Norcal top players!

Cosplayer Time (2PM): Cosplayers who attend the event can commentate and speak on the stream! Get familiar with the FGC!

Announcement from Second Harvest Food Bank (5PM): An announcement will be made to help support the charity and those in need.

All Out Attack/ Charity MM’s (All Day): 2$ eight-player tournaments & charity MMs are held throughout the 24 hour event. Participants receive a consolation charity raffle ticket and 1st & 2nd of the 8- player tournament receive 5 and 3 charity raffle tickets respectively. To start an 8-man bracket, request a paper bracket from an event organizer and pay the $2 entry fee. These tournaments will be self-run by the participants and checked off my events organizers. Players who have finished their matches must both initialize their names to show the winner and loser. This continues until first and second place have been determined.

Charity MMs are exhibitions/pride matches with a monetary wager. Players will be featured on the stream and loser donates to a charity of their choice.

Raffle Details:

  • All raffles and donations will go towards both charities equally
  • Contact Info (Required Online or Offline)
    – International Shipping Pays Own
    – **Raffle starts at the End of the Event **
    – 1$ for 1 Ticket, 10$ for 13 Tickets. $20 – 30 Tickets

Raffle Prizes:
**Disclaimer. If you win a copy of Persona 4 Arena (PS3), you will need a North American PS3.
The game is region locked.
**Raffle begins at the END of the Event.
x 6 Copies of Persona 4 Arena
x 2 Persona 4 Figurines
x 4 PS3 FightStick Pros.
x 6 Broken Tier Shirts
x 4 Tritton AX Pro Gaming Headsets
x 4 FightStick Carrier Bags.

Description: Persona 4 Arena is the brand new hit fighting game from renowned company Arc System Works, known for such fighting game franchises as Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. In celebration of the console release of Persona 4 Arena, FinestKO presents a 24 hour charity stream with support of Atlus, MadCatz, NOS and organized by Game Center, NorCal Install, and Dromstruction! All proceeds will go to our wonderful charities, Second Harvest Food Bank and Chicks in Crisis! Tune in to see live footage of tournaments, contests, and more fun events for Persona 4 Arena!

Tournament Rules:

$2 Entry Fee: All entry fees go towards charity.
Double Elimination
Best 2/3 rounds.
Best 2/3 matches with the exception of Losers, Winners, and Grand Finals, which will be 2/3 rounds and 3/5 matches.

Teams (2 on 2):
$4 (Per Team) Entry Fee: All entry fees go towards charity.
Double Elimination.

Best 2/3 rounds.
Best of 1 match with the exception of Losers, Winners, and Grand Finals, which will be 2/3 rounds and 2/3 matches.

Winners of Singles and Team tournaments will accumulate points, which will be tallied up at the end of the night. Based on the highest number of points, players will be given prizes (prizes to be determined).

Tournament Points Go Towards Prizes:
Points will be tallied up, and at the end of the event, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in points will receive copies of Persona 4 Arena (ps3).

Point Distribution:
*Teams (2 on 2) Split the points between each other.
*Points will be rounded up in case of a decimal place.
N= Number of Entrants
.7 x n points = 1st
.2 x n points = 2nd
.1 x n points = 3rd
1 point for participating.