[Aug 8, 2012] -UPDATED- Midnight Launch for Street Fighter X Tekken (Menifee, CA)


As most of us know by now (or if you don’t already) one of the biggest collaborations in fighting game history is about to release in just less than a week! So in celebration of this momentous occasion I will be hosting a tournament at my local Gamestop, in Menifee at the Countryside Marketplace, in hopes to gather casual and hardcore players alike in the surrounding area (or those from far away are also more than welcome!) to join me and others to participate in Super Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Tournament and Exhibition matches!

I will be updating this in hopes to provide more information but for now, I want to get the word out!If we have a big enough turnout for the tournament, sign ups will begin at 8:30PM and the cut off will be at 9:30PM.
[]System to be used will be Playstation 3 (subject to change).
]Anyone is more than welcome to bring their own controllers, fight sticks, pads, whatever you use to fight with. Controllers will be provided.
[] Displays will be on a 32 inch LCD TV and a 22 inch LCD Monitor.
]Free Play of Super Street Fighter IV and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be held from 9PM to 10PM.
[*]Tournament will start at 10PM kicking off with Super Street Fighter IV and then Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

There is no buy in or anything.
Just want us fighters to have a awesome time!
More info to come! :smiley:


Event has been updated. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. :]


Planning to be there. Looking forward to meeting local guys. Thanks for working to put this together!


Anytime man, hope to see you there :]


Shout outs to Mike and Fred. Definitely appreciate the work you put into making this happen, Mike. Good work in the tournament, Fred.

I’ma play some SFxT now.


Thanks for coming out and kudos to everyone who participated! Hoping to do something again soon! :smiley: