[August 18] Norcal Dogfight: P4A, GGAC, EXVS @Gamecenter


Norcal Dogfight! featuring Persona 4 Arena danisen and team events!
also featuring Guilty Gear, Gundam Extreme Versus, and AQUAPAZZA

What is Norcal Dogfight?

Norcal Dogfight is a regular event that takes place every 3rd Saturday at Gamecenter and our lineup is currently Persona 4 Arena, Guilty Gear Accent Core, Gundam EXVS, and we’re planning on adding AQUAPAZZA when it comes out.

For Persona 4, we’ll be running a danisen and a 2on2 teams event! What is a danisen? Scroll down to find out! It’s basically glorified or serious casuals and there’s no entry fee! As for Guilty Gear Accent Core and Gundam EXVS, it’s still to be determined but we’ll have something fun =)

3pm: Guilty Gear and Gundam EXVS
6pm: Persona 4 danisen
8pm: Persona 4 2v2 teams

Stream? http://twitch.tv/NorcalDogfight

When and where? Saturday, August 18 at Gamecenter in downtown San Mateo! More info below.

Venue fee? $7 to play on the setups (wristband), spectating is free.

Tournament fee(s)? Danisens are free to enter but 2on2s and 3on3s etc will have an entry fee.

Venue, transportation, and parking info
Gamecenter Arcade
47 South B Street
San Mateo, CA 94402

From B Street, Gamecenter is ‘down the alley’ as it’s behind the Bow Thai Cafe.

Google Street View for reference (dated pic)

The Google pic is dated but as we can see here, it is under that brown overhang

If you’re taking public transit, it’s extremely close to the Caltrain.

For Caltrain riders, you can come from behind instead of going around to B Street
http://g.co/maps/8y6qw - Going down 1st Ave, make a right down that alley and then left!

As for parking, there is a nearby garage, it’s $.25 an hour until 6pm, free afterwards
http://g.co/maps/p6ga4 - You can also park on the street or in the Caltrain parking lot.

What is a danisen?

A danisen is a system where you play for points and ranking and it’s been done in Japan for quite some time now. It’s a competitive event that happens on a more frequent basis (like weekly or biweekly) and everyone loves a ranking system. Since Persona is a new game and everyone’s going to be starting at the same time, a danisen would be really fun! There’s no special entry fee and it’s not exactly a tournament, but it adds excitement to casuals and provides some incentive to take casuals seriously.

So how do points and ranks work?

Whenever you win a match, you win a point and when you lose a match, you lose a point. Typically whenever you get +3 points you rank up and whenever you are at -3 points you rank down. When you rank up or down, your points will reset to zero. However there is a bottom and you cannot derank further than the lowest rank (1dan ±0).

You can only fight players within one rank of yourself. So if you are rank 2, you can fight rank 1 and 3 players but you can’t fight a rank 4 player. Your rank is also locked to your character so if you decide to change characters, you have to play at the appropriate rank.

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