August 21st -- Super Street Fighter 4 BBQ

Super Street Fighter 4 BBQ Plus Bonus August 21st 2010

First And Foremost I am not making any profits off of this..
This is strictly for the love of the game..

256 N. Columbus Ave
Freeport N.Y. 11520
If have any questions
Contact Info-5162557081

Date-August 21st 2010

The end of the summer is near , Evo 2k10 is finished till next year..
So i decided to throw a BBQ casuals with the possibility of a tournament assuming everyone shows up..

where here is the break down
$10 fee-covers food for the whole night(Hotdogs,Hamburgers,ribs,steak,Chips,Liquor,b eer,pizza,)
__________________________________________________ _
Now Considering that this is at a back yard of a house, Room is limited
so i have 20 Slots open.Please only if you are sure you can make it should you put your name down..

now as far as the Tournament Possibility...
I want to have at most 35 ppl
assuming that ,it will be $5 on top of the $10(which covers food)
1st Place-$100
2nd Place-$50
3rd Place-$25
---------------Not bad for a BBQ
I have thrown one of these about a week ago and it came out pretty good...

Ps..There will be atleast 4 setups for SSF4 ..Plus there will be 2 Madden 11 setups for money matches...I also have pics of the last one so if you text me or call me about it i can send you the pics...... Thank You ...I would like to see sanford,yipes,and other top players...we'll see what happens....GET HYPE