[August 31st, 2013] East Texas Fight Club Round 3 - Lindale, TX


Returning to the illustrious Lindale Public Library, East Texas Fight Club has added five new games, which you guys will be hype for!

Tentative Game List:

Brawl/Project: M (Wii)
AE v. 2012 (360)
Marvel (360)
Tekken Tag 2 (PS3)
Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS3 - New Game! and DLC will be allowed)
Guilty Gear Accent Core+ (PS3 - New Game!)
Blazblue CS2 (PS3) / Persona 4 Arena (360) - Facebook vote will determine
SFxT v. 2013 (360)
King of Fighters XIII (360)

$5 venue, $5 entry for the majority of tournaments (Brawl and P:M have team tournaments that are $10 a team).

Streams will be announced soon!