August 4th: Mariners vs Red Sox, 7PM

If you’re interested in going to the Mariner’s game, please sign up. You could try to buy tickets on your own, but I need to know how many people want/need tickets so I buy at once and thus have us all sitting together. I’ll try to keep the prices reasonable - I think the $7 seats may be sold out. If you have a maximum price you want to spend, let me know. I saw a bunch of seats in the 300 level for $22 using “best available”, but they don’t have a “worst available”, so I’ll need to call up once I get how many people want to show up. At this point I don’t think it will be over $22, but I don’t know how much cheaper it would be.

So sign up up um Tuesday so I can call and order. :tup:

Count me in, I’m in for whatever price level it ends up being.

dont forget to get everyone to carpool together:)

Im down for whatever…

I’m in.

I can’t make it, but I just wanted to remind you guys that it’s gonna be pretty crowded around that Safeco/Qwest Field area with Hot Import Nights happening right next door. Stay safe and do it fast, but not too furious.

August 4th is also the 26th Anniversary of mastermind’s birth! Knock a few back for me, wouldya? :tup:

I’m gonna ask if I can get this day off. I need some excitement in my life.

Lee-Happy Early Birthday man. I’ll try to drink in your honor my man.

Count me in.

im already going =)

Can I still get in on this?

Yeah, np.

OK, booked tickets for 7. $22 per person. I’ll post up more details later.

Sorry for the late notice, but I might have to cancel. Anybody else willing to take my spot?

Saw this mariners hat at the mall.

Might have to obtain it for the event. :wink:

If there are no spots left after everyone else who had theres held b4 hand I’ll take urs k?

Actually, looks like I can go after all.

Yay! Rob is still going!

I’m assuming we’re meeting up at your house Saturday afternoon Zach? Who’s all going?

Here’s who’s going right now:

  • Me, Switchup, Tempest, Ziggy, Deezo, Portland_Drama, Gina
    Let me know if you can’t make it. Tickets were $22/person.

I’m OK with meeting at my house. We’d need at two cars if we did it that way - I sadly can’t fit many people in mine. =P

EDIT: Updated roster.

I can take like 2 more people in my car if Kuenai comes along.

Or we could drive mine and take 5 people in the car, plus save gas.