August 5th; The Braeburn 1st; Northern, VA; MvC2/3s/CvS2

Okay folks this is my first hosting of a tourney at my new house so lets make it a good one… AUGUST 5th!

4636 Braeburn Drive
Fairfax, VA 22032

Starting Time 4PM sharp! (ill have brackets made and start running at 4pm, if you are going to be late CALL ME OR SOMEONE THERE and let me know, I have noproblem waiting a little while if you are caught in traffic or whatever) I will do my best to fit everything planned in, this is why I want so many tv’s/consoles and i might not even play if there is enough people so i can get this ran properly and timely

my place is located 2 miles off the interstate (4 miles from george mason) and also 4-5 miles from the vienna metro station.
(mapquest ending house is a bit off) Parking should be alright as there is plenty of room along the street and its a good neighborhood so no worries on ur cars being messed with. I can house a couple people overnight if they wish to not drive back late…

the games that will be hosted MvC2/3s/CvS2… and MvC2 low tier tounrey will be held too if interested (ill get the rules for it later)… NO VENUE FEE!! all games 5$ entry fee payouts 60/30/10

Updated: 6/27
Side tournies to include(but not limited to)

pending time and tv’s i believe this can happen…
I REALLY want a tri-state team tourney MD vs VA vs NC (if more states come then ill add them too!!!) - 3v3 15$ a team, winner take all for MvC2… and also a regular MvC2 team tourney 10$ a team 70/30
(IF we have enough ill do a 5v5 for the tri-state)

CvS2 team tourney - 10 or 15 a team, depends on how many interested really… each person plays 1 character, 2 people can split 2 characters, 1 person can play a ratio 4 … im not sure how many will be interested in this but if you are just let me know and ill make it happen

3s - 2v2 10$/team 70/30 unless there is a good amount of teams then 60/30/10

-Rock-paper-scissor tourny - 5$ entry split 70/30
-Poker tourney - 10$ buy-in first game 20$ for second (if 2nd is held) 1 place paid per 4 people.
-Beer pong tourney (or whatever you drink) if we can get 8 or more teams: 5$- 70/30 payout unless we get more than 8.

NORMAL RULES FOR ALL TOURNIES, rules for the side tournies will be decided when the time comes, after all main games have been completed.

ALL feedback is welcome and will be considered, especially side tournies… I will need some support from the people with consoles and a few tv’s (ill try to reward you with free entries but you should do it out of the kindness of ur heart :D)

Also I have a projector that will be used for ALL final matches if both players agree (its kinda on a shitty sheet for a screen right now but its still decent, pending a new screen)
… and it will be used for whatever game i feel like putting on there at the time (prolly marvel :stuck_out_tongue: )

I will run brackets in the fairest manner i see fit for a good tourney, and to ensure this I will ask for some help from people that know their game and the people that play it (since i really only know how good marvel people are)… so if you will its type of a seeding bracket… it wont be like some tournaments ive recently been to where the brackets are retarded to hell

I have AC… so we wont burn to death… you can order pizza if ur hungry or goto 711 a mile away i dont care… youre also welcome to bring booze and hot chicks.

post ur thoughts and concerns and if ur willing to help make this happen… this will be a fun tourney/event, so please try to make this first one a great one so we can have many more to come

(if i missed anything plz let me know)

as I hear from people ill update this list
So far ive heard from the following people coming

ive also got some more local marvel heads coming, im gonna try my best to get everyone that plays at springfield to show up to get the marvel scene a bit bigger, and 3s a little bit bigger too… Ive talked to Isaac, and im really trying to get him and some NC people to come up, also a couple Southern VA peoples, and Im hoping more of MD can come also

(I might be alittle flexable if the tv is big <3)

as far as how many I need will depend on how many i think will come closer to the date, i need at least 7 more tvs/8 consoles as of now, if i have to ill go buy a PS2 or 2, so if any1 has a good ass hookup let me know… And as far as the free entry fee goes, I will personally pay for your fee so this wont restrict the money from the pot

Your TV and consoles will be safe as i expect everyone to respect the stuff that people bring, ill also throw labels on everything…

Guys please come to this, it will be a great time, again this tournment is as good as you make it, and by coming you are making it awesome… there are a wide variety of events that are going to take place pending the showing up of people so make it happen!!!

Get Hype!!~~

iight, I’m down for that rock paper scissors tourney. Cant touch my rock, cant touch it!
Offer for that discounted screen is still there, b.

… Guilty Gear?

Oh wait, this is Otakon weekend isnt it? No show for me D:

Gotta go and be a nerd with other anime nerds for three days, sorry.

Is it within walking distance of the metro? Otherwise I’ll need someone to pick me up from the Vienna metro. Then again…some of my boys will probably want to see me at Otakon too so we’ll see.

Oh damn, it is Otakon weekend isnt it. Dont think I’ma make it

my place is roughly 4-5 miles from vienna metro, im sure some1 could pick you up, if not then i can… its only one road the whole way really, no crazy turns and shit.

good shit slogan. you can expect me there.

bump for the updates!!

nice nice, sorry no tekken though :stuck_out_tongue: i doubt i could fit the masses of tekken and GG… thanks though man!

np, i have more fun playing marvel than tekken anyday.

If Otakon is a 3 day event… just go for one day :smiley: who really needs 3 days of anime :{

yea and sorry no GG, as stated before i doubt i could hold the masses of GG and/or Tekken even…

I will be there.

to everybody, fuck otakon, and wendys has a new 99cent chicken sandwich.

i guarantee a win in rock paper scissors. dont like it then prove me wrong. unless ultradavid shows up. his rock is too crazy. shit comes from nowhere. i will tell everyone right now my pattern. its r,r,p,s,s,p,s,r,r,p,s,s,s,s,s,p,r FTW

did someone say Isaac Graham!! im already getting hard!

also there will be a bounty on my head again like at c3 in poker. just need enough people.


pat ur kidding me… ur system is so flawed… remember at ihop? i dominated and then i told everyone my system… and u still use that one??

first to ten for 5 bucks bet it!!

what i thought i took your money at ihop. i took someones money. as for the pattern, i just made that off the top of my head. and i accept that first to ten.

free money for ME!!!

And we need official rules. Fuck house rules!!!

official rules for Rock, paper, scissor… dont throw scissor first or you will lose

and my house rules are the official rules!

just a quick question is it 1,2,Shoot or is it 1,2,3,Shoot.

up, one month to go

its “rock, paper, scissor, shoot”