August 8, 2009- Mini Tournament- Gonzalez and Zoob Punch the Universe

Massachusetts will never be the same. From the mad, mad world of Springfield, MA, comes an event so terrifying, so mindblowing, so flabbergasting that you will roll up your socks before we knock them off. Gentlemen, we bring you the first annual Gonzalez and Zoob Punch the Universe Tournament Extravaganza en una forma de quesadilla.

Battle in one of the hottest fighters on the planet or throw down in some turtle combat in TMNT Tournament Fighters. Or are you manly enough to enter a Mexican Knife Fight Cage Match for the title of King of Madness?

Sign ups start now and the war starts August 8 at 12:00pm. Be quick or be left out, as we can only allow a max of 20 tough hombres into these haggard halls, for fear of global implosion. Remember to bring your own stick and your BIKE MONEY.

Participant List:

  1. Gonzales
  2. Zoob
  3. Pancho
  4. Wallace
  5. Mindgam3
  6. Blue9
  7. Mayor McJustin
  8. Kona
  9. Justice
  10. Darkcloud
  11. Nito
  12. Bonj
  13. Aria
  14. Meghan

Results are in:

Just wanted to say good stuff to everyone that showed up to my tourney. It was good to see some of the old faces as well as some new ones. The tourney’s were mad hype; the close finals in SF4 between Pancho and Zorin, Mike Natel wreaking people with his Arakune, the fierce Turtle Combat, and of course the Mexican Knife Cage Match.:yaaay:

Here are the results, i’ll tell Zoob to update the first page,he will also post the Mexican Knife Cage Match:

16-man bracket

1 Zorin : $32.50
2 Pancho : $12.50
3 Blue9 : $5.00
4 Nito
5 Mindgame3
5 Bonj
7 Mike Natel
7 Aria
9 Meghan
9 DarkCloud

16-man bracket

1 Mike Natel : $32.50
2 Nito : $12.50
3 DarkCloud : $5.00
4 Mindgame3
5 Plainview
5 Life
7 Ange
7 Meghan
9 William Wallace
9 Blue9
9 Zoob

16-man bracket

1 Gonzales : $28.00
2 Justo : $12.00
3 Zoob
4 Blue9
5 Steve
5 Zorin
7 Ange
7 Bonj
9 Plainview
9 Mike Natel
9 Aria
9 Mindgame3
13 Life
13 DarkCloud
13 Nito

Mexican Knife Fight (subject to change, doing this off memory)

  1. Zoob: $6
  2. Zorin
  3. Blue9
  4. Ange
  5. Darkcloud
  6. Life
  7. Megan
  8. Mindgame
  9. Wallace
  10. Plainview
  11. Nito
  12. Mike

Of all the things recorded, the most stuff we have is from the Knife Fight. I’ll be putting it on our page later on today.

Is this in Gonzalez’s apartment?

Yes, hence the max limit.

Count me, Life, and Wallace for BB.

Im in.

i’ll probably try to go.

edit - just realized i have tickets to Tracey Morgan at the Comedy Connection that night. Sorry guys, see you at GU/Game Unicon.

a few questions. Will More than one AC be in effect. (I remember last time) Does the entry fee include food (thats why i got my own wings last time) and are we just using your living room or will more of the apartment be open up?

Alright questions, questions.

  1. Well, we do our best regarding air conditioning.

  2. Entry fee is to help out poor Gonzales with his electricity.

  3. The whole place should be open for business.

i migt have to go to the one in maine but im gonna really try to make this

one i do have plenty of ventilation this time, two no the entry fee does not include food, and yes we’ll be mainly using my living room, althougth other areas will be open for traffic and trust me im gonna be making plenty of space. Just a friendly reminder dont forget your venue fee and food money’s, airgth people lets lock and load

ps3 :(?

This sounds like one hot sweaty sardine can/rotisserie chicken that I do not think I want to be part of lol. Sorry gonz.

get this nigga some chicken

I may have to make an appearance to this.

You have to make an appearance to this…or I will find you.

yo thanks for the support gabe.
I thougth you were a real street figther, whats the matter you scared of the springfield crew?

i guess i will have to make an appearance at this ;p

How do people allow this to fall to the second page. Im getting more hype on dustloop was up SRK?

Anyways do to a couple of suggestion we will also have MvC2 and GGAC.
Its time to step it up

Scoops to the top.

The venue fee? Why does gonzo have to pay it then?

I remember being randomly kicked out at like 9 last time (gonzo’s bedtime). Dont forget to leave him milk and cookies.