Augusta, GA 9-20-03 ~ Child Support Tourney


Since The Iceman hasn’t posted up the results yet, I’ll do it myself.

1st - Sora Arrington “Tron li”

2nd - Raph Bendy “SSJ George Bush”

3rd - Nam Nguyen

4th - Charles Withers “The Iceman”

5th - Mike Nguyen "No. 2"
5th - Kiyoki Leech “KiyokiX”

7th - Antonio McCumber :eek:
7th - David Watkins

Cute lil’ 8-man tourney. No one from out of town. Pot got switched to winner takes all. Antonio went 2 and out which was a shock to everyone. :o Much thanks goes out to everyone who entered. Hopefully this will help build the scene in AUG.


Well I’ll be damned! I never thought I’d see the word tournament and Augusta in the same sentence.

Unfortunately due to work, I wasn’t able to attend this one. But I am glad to see there ARE tournies (or should I say tourney) in Augusta. For the past couple years, arcades here seemed to be on the dead side, if you ask me. Either that, or I’ve just been there at the wrong time. Or is everyone avoiding me?


Dayum me and Sami shoulda came to this tournament for some of that cool “free money” but oh well. Maybe we will make it down there eventually again.
BTW Who from AUG is coming to our tournament in anderson this weekend. I hope to see you and raph at least sora and that sucka charles if possible and bring all those AUG people that went to that charlotte tournament. This shit is gonna be hype and yall got to see us beat down those charleston cats in the team tournament



Damn… Ultros lives? :confused:

Good $h!t, y’all… :cool:



I’m alive. Just been hibernating.

Hopefully my SRK account won’t be deleted AGAIN.


:eek: Someone else on SRK stays in AUG?!? Who are you? We’ve had quite a few tournaments in AUG. Justin Wong and X have even come down. Where’ve you been?

Heh, next time come down here and we’ll see how hard you have to work for that “free” money. :cool: J/k. :slight_smile: Anyways, yeah we’ll bring like 4+ ppl to the Anderson tourney.


I’ve been slacking in the arcade competition within the past year or so. I used to frequent arcades like Tilt and Putt Putt a LOT, especially during the 90’s. If anyone there played Super Street Fighter 2, MK2, MvC1, and especially Killer Instinct, then chances are they’ve bumped against me one time or another.

One reason why I haven’t been to arcades as much is because I’ve been way busy with work (running a business = 6 days of work every week). Just recently (last Saturay evening), I stumbled upon Funsville for my first time and played a game of VF4:Evo. CPU kicked my ass on stage 7, though :o

Anyhoo, how long have you guys been playing? I might’ve seen you before.

EDIT: btw, are there any GGXX and SC2 machines to be found ANYWHERE in Augusta? I was pleasantly surprised to find VF4 in Funsville. Too bad SF3 never made it big.



OK KEVIN to win free money in augusta you have do something to physically scare sora like ask him to change sides after a match or bite the head off his hello kitty doll or sometheng becas YUO AREN’T BEATING SORA he picked cyclops this tourney and did the cyclops infinite to my omega red the whole 100% health and then he finished the rest of my 2 guys with sentinel w/ strats taught to him by executioner I SWEAR I THOUGHT XECUTIONER WAS PLAYING ME. Cyclops infinite perfect is INSANE

And Sami needs to practice anti-Thanos strats or sometheng.


Your username is too good.


Yeah, I got that Cyclops infinite down like water now. :smiley: And I won’t even go into the new Thanos stuff I got. :slight_smile:


ST?!? MK2?!? :eek: Sorry, that’s all way before my time. I’ve only been playing arcade games since '99 and mostly just MvC2.

Most people go play at the mall during the daytime then go to Funsville at night on the weekends. Funsville has a MvC2, VF4, KI, DDR, and XvSF. Tilt at the mall has SvC, MvC2, CvS2, T4, TTT, XvSF, and MvC1. Tilt has a really crappy, typical manager though and Funsville has a cool, nice manager. So I usually try to spend more money at Funsville.

If you want to play games like GGXX, SC2, or SF3 or anything like that, you have to go to someone’s house and play console. You can buy a stick from someone that sells sticks down here like Raph (SSJ George Bush).

Anyways, I hope you can get back into the gaming scene again. We’re always looking for new competition. :slight_smile:


You know what would be the shit. If Raph would actually think about what he said instead of talking out of his ass. All that comes out of his mouth is Bantha Poodoo. Seriously I was just joking with what I said to Sora and the main point of the post was to see how many AUG heads are coming to the tournament here in ANDERSON. See…ON at the end Not ANDERSEN. DUMBASS

Not to mention you talk about Sami losing to Thanos when that was like 6 months ago or something and he as well as I have got a lot better as long as I don’t get cocky and play All magneto teams and not my money Cable teams.



lol yeah, I’m old school. I’ve neglected to mention the now defunct Regency Mall’s Fun N Games arcade as well (RIP). If you’ve started in '99 then chances are good that I’ve seen you before. I’ve just been slacking the past 2 years or so.

I already own all those games myself. I just really haven’t played them against good human competition, given the fact most of my very few friends don’t play fighting games. So I’m usually stuck sparring against the boring CPU.

heheh yeah it’s time for me to get out of arcade competition retirement. Funsville seem to be better than Tilt now. I’ll most likely be there more often on weekend evenings/nights.


DAMN, I wish i was down there, Soon i be bak in Augusta, i owe somebody a visit and i have to return TRON LI’S DVD’S lolz.


Carful what you say to Raph might own you with his Omega Red