Augusta Hyper Fighting 2: Augusta, GA: August 21st: SSF4, BBCS

We love tournaments, you love tournaments - Let’s throw one, yes?
Another good solid tournament from your friends in Augusta!

Augusta Hyper Fighting 2

Our past Augusta Hyper Fighting Tournament was hype, produced an awesome turnout, ran smoothly, and even raised money for a good cause! (Haiti Earthquake relief - special thanx’ again to all who came). Continuing our series in Augusta type tournaments, this one will feature two games: Super Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue Continuum Shift - Come join us and get hype Saturday August 21st, 2010!

!Update: BlazBlue Continuum Shift is still being run - A few players have agreed on bringing set-ups so we WILL still have a tournament for BBCS

The Tournament Center
1824 Wylds Road
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 922-9269
(behind the Augusta Mall)

Saturday, August 21st, 2010
Registration starts at: 12:00pm
Tournament starts at: 1:30pm
(Please try to be here on time, adding late players to the brackets is never any fun)
If running late please call: 706-726-9774

Game/ Fees:
House Fee: $5
SSF4: $10
BBCS: $10

Pot percentage to be split for each game: 70/20/10 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd

System Format:
SSF4 and BBCS are to be played ala’ X-BOX 360
(our venue is full of 360s ready to be used - If BBCS has interest in being played on PS3 rather than 360, please let us know)

for each game:
-2/3 rounds per game
-2/3 games per set
-3/5 games Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals
-You all know the rules - no mapping throw and focus, no turbo, yadda yadda, please dont cheat
-If anything unexpected interrupts a match please call us over to look

Bonus:(as always we have:)

  • framed trophies
  • stickers fo’ yo’ stick!
  • Live Stream!
  • Hype Station!

Contact Information:
Drew (Druseph)
SRK: Dru_90X
#: 706-726-9774

John (Electric)
SRK: electric1ty

I will be there…any special cause we helping or is it just tournament time again

Just another tournament for the players! Keeping the hype alive in Augusta

Eddie "Another Asian Rufus player"
Atlanta, GA

no love for marvel? :sad:

you know how Marvel down here is lol - I personally dont have the set-up but anyone is more than welcome to bring one a run a side tourney if interested

2 days before the semester starts yay, I’ll be here for sure =) Perhaps for both tourneys, hopefully my el fuerte won’t suck this time.

Awesome! Do you think everyone will be fine with CS being run on 360?

To tell you the truth the majority of Ga’s BBCS players are on PS3, a few of us have 360 sticks. A lot of pad players use PS3 controllers as well. I’m sure someone will bring a PS3 setup if need be though.

I’ll try to make it to this one too.

Yeah, we’re down and want to throw a BBCS tournament - I personally am not an active player of the game but I do know a few players in Augusta will enter and we were just curious as to which console most active Blaz players prefer - we have several 360s so with that we’ll be able to provide set-ups, but if PS3 is wanted then we’d be more than happy to allow people to bring set-ups and I’m sure one or two from Augusta could provide a PS3 set-up aswell -

as long as the table holding up the two xboxes for BBCS doesn’t collapse and scratch up the disks beyond repair it shouldn’t be a problem :3

oh jeez lol

We’ll try and make it Drew.

^ coolz

Got to bump this.

Since ATL Revival is over with this seems to be the next GA tournament.

Finally, a tournament that uses the xbox console.
Try convincing the Atlanta tournaments to do the same, would ya?

Atlanta, Ga

I should finally have a weekend free. I really enjoyed Super Augusta. I will participate in this.

Raf Mira

Ang Mira


Juan Solo
SSF4 & bbcs

^Good to see you guys reppin’ again - and can’t wait to see that Cashmoney Cammy in action

wait no 3s? that’s not cool!

As always I’ll be bringing the commentating full force.

Anyone interested in a TMNT Tournament Fighters side tournament?

Coming up quicker than you think