Augusta Hyper Fighting 2 Results

Another one marked down here in our city of Augusta - Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and again a special thanks to all who were able to make it and to those of you who tuned in to our stream:

I believe this is all of SSF4 top 10 or 8 recorded - Starts with Wizzlecroff vs Electric

SSF4:(29 entrants)

  1. Druseph (Honda)
  2. ShinkuuR (Rose)
  3. Battle Walrus (Hakan, Rufus)
  4. JTO (Boxer, Akuma)
  5. Yohan (Boxer)
  6. Juan Solo (Guile)
  7. Cardell (Chun)
  8. Electric (Blanka)
  9. Wizzlecroff
  10. Pollinosis
  11. Alvien
  12. Coos Revenger
  13. Kidd
  14. Kiyo
  15. Dreamboat
  16. AwardTour
  17. Mr. Henessy
  18. The Light
  19. Heavyweight
  20. Wasian
  21. Sora
  22. Reox
  23. Paco
  24. Teii
  25. Cody the Sega Genesis Champion
  26. ADVIII
  27. Ed
  28. Omega Red
  29. Melvin Bison

BBCS:(15 entrants)

  1. Ivysaur
  2. Keyon
  3. Magneton
  4. Pachirisu
  5. Tsu
  6. Roselia
  7. Matt
  8. Simplekiss
  9. Mr. Henessy
  10. Hakumain
  11. Battle Walrus
  12. Jamslegs
  13. Guide
  14. StarAura
  15. Melvin Bison

GGs to everybody I play yesterday. Alvien those guile vs. ryu match were too fun. I feel good on how I play but it also show me that I need way more matchup experience. Just trying to level up as always. To Coos: Cammy getting body next timeeats a gallon of salt.

Brackets were a bit messed up but I guess it couldn’t really be helped. Only 29 entrants =/ oh well… I had a lot of fun though! GGs to all I played in tourney.

Ya man, great fun in casuals with you and everyone else I played ;D

Man I wish I could have been there. :[ Work sucks. Well good job everyone!

It was fun as always guys and I will return for the next one.


Ivysaur - Why the fuck do I gotta ride two and a half hours to lose to you twice and get /third/. You fuckin’ scruuub. >:O
Keyon - ONE game is all we get to play this whole tournament? Just one casual? Not even a set? Really? Son I am very disappoint. :frowning:
Pachirisu - Good shit on placing well with Makoto bro, our set was pretty fun. (They usually are)
Tsu - You weren’t very salty at all this weekend, Mr. Salt. Don’t Tager mirror me. XP
Roselia - You woulda done better if you had used more of your INVINCIBLE DRIVE MOVE. :V

To people whose names I can’t quite remember…

Bang / Tager Guy: Work on optimizing your combos, you’re sacrificing a good bit of free damage and oki with Bang. Keep at it!
People who kept forward/back teching in the air while magnetized: DON’T DO THAT. Tech down or just don’t tech there. Pleeeease.

To the people who made this possible:

The Augusta Crew - I always have a blast every time I go to Augusta tournies. TCoA is legit (if swelteringly hot). Brackets done in a timely manner. No complaints here. Looking forward to the next one!

Interesting. I’ll make sure I make it to the next one :china:

shoutouts to:

Keyon - gotta respect that Litchi, i need to train that matchup until i can use my mains against you. Or till i work on getting a better a Litchi. Also ATL is a bit salty you ruined our bracket scheme for us to get top 4, much respect for that.

Spring Raid - Noel’s tough but you got the potential, jump in the lab, work on those matchups and combos, and stick with it. She’s got places to go man, believe in that D button!

Tsu - Fun matches man, good to see you level up so far. Way to prove Augusta aint free. Appreciate you being a viewer of our streams too.

ATL crew - way to show that once again we are top in the state, all them pokemons represent. Too bad Keyon foiled our plans. We will learn from our losses and defeat that man again.

Sorry I missed out! I had to move into my apt and buy a bunch of shit for school. I’ll be honest tho, I have no idea how Rose can lose to Honda. Dru, you must have some ridiculous strategy cuz usually Honda gets raped. What happened?!?!?!

Can someone tell me why I got 9th and I’m the most free win in tourney?

Also, I kinda think we should run a bigger variety games or at least have the option for them to possibly be run at these from now on IMO along with the others. A lot of people for like an hour didn’t really care about SSF4 and a lot of people left kinda salty hahaha aka the loser’s bracket of doom.

Just saying.

ggs dru,rashid and jay! i gotta knock this rust off! lol! its been a min since i played. been focusing on my gf than sf lately. but ima cool down off sf for alil bit but ima still try and attend tournies tho…i just gotta find a balance…becus fatherhood is right around the corner for me:) ggs ga!!!

Rose vs Honda is at least 5/5 (some people say 6/4 Honda). If Rose doesn’t know how to deal with a Honda who actually pokes, and play her ranges a bit differently, she gets beat the hell up since Honda’s pokes used smartly will stuff out alot of her stuff(which is what happened lol). Once Rose know the matchup though, it’s hard for him to maintain a solid offense without her making any mistakes, especially when she has the lead.

Anyway tourney was fun, Dru beat my ass, Coos is lols, nice to see Sora again, and I still don’t understand wtf is going on in BB lol.

Man you knocked out everyone with hat on SMH

I’m so sad I couldn’t come


GGs guys! Glad everyone could make it! I do feel really bad about that loser bracket of doom having just about everybody from the same city playing each other at one point but sometimes shit like that happens - The start of it all looked so beautiful, but with so much good competition and a relatively small number of players, upsets happen - but nonetheless GGs Wizzle, Rasheed, John, and J - Up next on that list: Labor Day Smash, Tension Pulse, September Revival?, SEB?, and of course Seasons Beatings - SUPER 4 is in the works with a $1000 guaranteed pot for SSF4 - we’re beginning to generate a good reputation in running tournaments and we definitely want to run a tournament of this caliber the right way so please keep an eye out for updates on this - Its going to be a very big project and I promise we’re going to make this event one to remember!

bbcs was a mega fun tourney. it’s too bad the top matches weren’t streamed but I don’t think many people would appreciate the litchi vs. litchi finals, despite how impressive they were.

@keyon, you best be leveling up your litchi cuz next time we play I won’t be dropping parry loops :cool:

@sc players, was fun getting to meet and play with y’all. Lets keep BBCS as hype as it deserves to be in the south!

I know this is mad late, but good games to everyone in Super and BBCS:

@FunkyP: It was cool to finally meet you I’m definitely not going to give up on Noel (Although Litchi is lookin’ sexy right now). Also, shout out to Georgia for supporting BBCS. Let’s make the South known for Blazeblue too!

@ ShinkuuR: Getting a chance to play you against was awesome and I’ll take the advice that you gave me for Rose. I’ve definitely got a high amount of respect for you.

@ Druseph: Thanks again for hosting such a well planned event. I will be looking out for more in the future.

@ Augusta crew: It was nice meeting everyone again. I see Coos is still keepin’ up the hype and Dick Slang beatin’ people with Hakan was one of my favorite moments of the SSF4 tourney. Keep it oily XD