Augusta Hyper Fighting: SF4: 2/20/2010: Haiti Donations

Augusta Hyper Fighting - Gaming for Haiti

Alright guys, so we had to scratch the planned Augusta SUPER 3 Tournament do to conflicts, but that doesn’t mean we’re not getting hype on February 20th. We’ve bumped heads with the TC of Augusta and decided to run a SF4 tournament that will not only be awesome within itself with good friendly competition, but will also raise money for a good cause. So heres how its gonna go down!

-1 station (le’ hype station de X-Box 360)
**-1 game **(Street Fighter IV)
**-1 tournament **(double elimination)
**-1 time **(Saturday Feb. 20th, 5:00pm)
**-1 winner **(you meybe’ ?)
**-1 cause **(to raise money for Haiti’s earthquake relief)

So basically we’re all gonna come down and come together to run a simple SF4 tournament in Augusta. Anyone is welcome and everyone’s matches will be played on the hype station. We will have other set ups for casuals but as soon as we start the tourney, the focus will shift to the hype station for the legit matches of the night. So bring your S-Tier game as we get these matches rollin’ and ready for one hype night. All tourney fees will be donated for Haiti earthquake relief and the players will be rewarded with nice trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Time: Saturday, February 20th, 2010
Registration starts: 4:00pm
Tourney Starts: 5:00pm

House Fee: $5
SF4 tourney entry fee: $5
(All tourney entry fees will be donated for Haiti Earthquake relief)

behind the Augusta mall
1824 Wylds Rd Suite A3
Augusta, GA 30909

  • So yeah, no fees will be going towards the tournament winners, but that doesn’t mean its gonna be mad fun and hype!
  • And hey, theres gonna be nice stickers and trophies!
  • I know the gist of this tournament may discourage some of you outta-towners, but if your seeking good friendly SF4 competiton for a day, we are here here ready for yah’!
  • We will be streaming the tournament for those of you who can’t make it and want to watch too!

So come get hype with Augusta February 20th, 2010 at Augusta Hyper Fighting!

Any Questions or Concerns:

Drew Greiner (Druseph)
SRK: Dru_90X
#: 706-726-9774

John Buckley (Electric)
SRK: electric1ty

good shit by showing that gamers do care about causes other than themselves. I probably won’t be able to go because of cola ranbat and money. :pleased:

Great idea, but just so you know, you’re landing on the same date as Atlanta Revival.

We are aware of that and it is not our intention to compete with any other tourneys. We had settled on this date for the next Augusta SUPER a long time ago, but to avoid conflict we decided to just keep a local tourney and try to do something to benefit a cause other than our own. Out of town people are welcome but it’s not something we expect.


I’m down for this. This is a great idea and I’m glad to see Tournament Runners (Dru and Electric) to create something that helps out humanity. I 100% support this event over all other events and will be in attendance.

Don Kim
Cola_man (hopefully capcom will call me to be on their Mega Man 11 game)

If you guys want, we can stream it like last time! Let me know.

This is a great idea and hope you guys get a real solid turnout

Good shit guys! This is a great idea! I won’t be able to make it down there most likely, but I’d like to donate some money to help out and make your donation larger. Do you guys have any way for us to send our donations to you…in the form of a money order perhaps?

We’ll look into this definitely. I believe there is, but I don’t want to say yes before I know for sure.

This should be fun. We are also having a All-Niter and a Halo 3 LAN!

As others have stated, this is a great idea. I will more than likely be able to attend.

Me and my friends are definitely attending, should be fun! And a stream would be awesome.

We appreciate all out-of-town support! Its gonna be one fun night! The vision is to play every tournament match on the hype station which will be streamed with commentary. This set-up will be the center of the tourney’s attention. All other set-ups will be used for casuals, but if we do run into a large number of entrants we might run some tourney matches on more than one station. I’m hoping it’ll be like, for example, one of Norcal’s Keystone SF4 tournaments that they stream, in which every match is on one station, ran through quickly, and full of hype!

Can’t wait for this. Gonna be packed with hype.

What’s up Dru, it’s been a major minute, I hope you been doing good. I’m coming to your tournament so consider me pre-regged if that counts for anything lol. Well, I’ll give you a call sometime this week to catch up on things, peace!

Couple more days guys! Gonna be a fun little night!

Stay hype Augusta! I hope the tournament goes great this weekend gentlemen!

Can’t wait, can’t wait. Lessss Gooooo!

Hey hey, I’lll be there! Just a question: is there a general idea of how long the tournament will run? It doesn’t make a big difference, but it would be helpful as I’m coming from a little ways away, so it would be nice to know. :tup:

Also, along with the stream, will any of the matches be recorded? It would help to watch footage of myself so I can step up my game. Thanks, and I’m stoked!

It shouldn’t last too long - I’m guessing an end around 8-9-10 if we start on time. Heads up, I’ll be at the TC tomorrow prolly around 2-3pm to set up, so if you wanna come a little extra early, that’d be cool. Get Hype!