Augusta Super Tournament 4! Dec. 11th - SSF4, BBCS - Augusta, GA

Ungh! You like it! Your favorites from Augusta are at it again! This is GA’s go-to tournament for X-Box 360 Super Street Fighter 4 action! Saturday, December 11th is the date! The games are Super Street Fighter 4(360) and Blaz Blue Continuum Shift(PS3)! We runnin’ it strong like we always do and hopefully with a few new changes for the better! Come on out and experience the hype! Who knows, maybe you’ll get blown up!

Augusta SUPER Tournament 4

Saturday, December 11th 2010
Registration: starts at 11:00am
Tournaments: start at 1:00pm
(Don’t be late!!)

Tournament Center of Augusta
1824 Wylds Rd
Augusta, GA 30909
(Behind the Augusta Mall)

Games/ Fees:
Door Fee: $5
SSF4: $10
BBCS: $10

Games/ Rules/ System:

  • X-Box 360
  • 2/3 rounds per match
  • 2/3 matches per set
  • 3/5 matches for winners, losers, and grand finals
  • loser of each match may change character
  • both loser and winner may change ultra after each match
  • PS3
  • 2/3 rounds per match
  • 2/3 matches per set
  • 3/5 matches for winners, losers, and grand finals
  • loser of each match may change character
  • (We need set-ups with game and downloadable content!!)


  • Pre-registration is helpful, but optional
  • All I need is a name and city/ state


  • stickers
  • trophies for top 8
  • we will have a stream
  • hype station

Any questions? Hit me up’

Drew (Druseph)
SRK: Dru_90X
X-Box live: Dru90X
#: (706)-726-9774

You Coming?: (updated from SRK/ Facebook)

  • Druseph (Augusta, GA)
  • Aztek Bronze (Hinesville, GA)
  • Paco (Augusta, GA)
  • Dreamboat (Augusta, GA)
  • ADVIII (Augusta, GA)
  • Cyberakuma (Athens, GA)
  • Heavyweight (Augusta, GA)
  • Pintsized Paolone (Augusta, GA)
  • Coos (Augusta, GA)
  • Iceman (Atlanta, GA)
  • Adonis Welch (Savannah, GA)
  • Yohan (Augusta, GA)
  • Tsurael (Augusta, GA)
  • Alvien (Savannah, GA)
  • TooMuchDamage (Atlanta, GA)
  • Marcel Gross (Aiken, SC)
  • The Duke (Barnwell, SC)
  • Parris (Atlanta, GA)
  • ShinkuuR (Savannah, GA)
  • Zo Bot (Orlando, FL)
  • Electric (Augusta, GA)
  • Xybur (Augusta, GA)
  • Chnchilla (Athens, GA)
  • Aftermath1349 (Atlanta, GA)
  • Angel (Hinesville, GA)
  • Kharisma (Carrollton, GA)
  • Liquigen (Warner Robins, GA)
  • Dogysamich (Warner Robins, GA)
  • Tok3nz (Aiken, SC)
  • Jaguar (Columbia, SC)
  • Da Knut (Colli Park, Ga)
  • Cardell (Atlanta, GA)

BBCS full setups:

  • Tsurael
  • ???
  • ???


If you could stream for us that would be awesome! Your software is top notch!

I will see. The PC we use is my brothers so it all depends on if he’s coming. I’ll try to make it happen though :wink:

I should be buying a mixer between now and the time for this so I maybe able to stream.

People should come the night before for games in the afternoon at my place, a night on dancing, and more playing that night haha.

jus these 2 games again?? awwww maaaaannn :arazz:

I ruv Super Augusta!

Aztek Bronze
Hinesville, GA

I’ll bring a full BB setup, could prob get 2 (sticks are another story though)


Yeeeaaahhhh, sign me up. I missed the last one.

Eddie "TooMuchDamage"
Atlanta, GA

Any side tournaments possible? Team tournaments?


Savannah, GA

Nice! We were thinking of doing a 5v5 SSF4 team tournament - I’ll let everyone know for sure when the time comes closer

The Duke

Work schedule looks clear…and hoping all things go well to arrive!

Umm, quick question. Does anyone have a converter for a arcade stick for PS3 to 360? It’s a custom one BTW.

The only converter I know of is the one PS2 to 360 we have - and I wouldn’t recommend using them, I think they lag a little - We’ll have plenty of SE and TE 360 fight sticks to borrow if anyone needs them

Opps, signed under an old account.
Atlanta, Ga

sign me up

Athens, GA

oh shit dude! You stay in Barnwell S.C I go there every other weekend to see my brother. ppl in S.C play SSF4? I thought all they did was have like 7 kids and get high lol!

I’ll be there. First tournament!

Atlanta, Ga

Are you keeping the 11th as the sure date?