Augusta SUPER Tournament: Oct. 3rd 2009 Results!

  • The Augusta SUPER Tournament was a huge success! I personally want to thank all of you who came and I hope you enjoyed our tournament! For those who weren’t able to make it, you definitely missed out! It was crazy hype! Players from places like ATL, Columbia, Marietta, McDonough, and Duluth showed up in our crazy city of Augusta to throw down some epic matches! Augusta was able to hold down the house with the Battle Walrus (J) winning Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue and Kiyo winning Marvel and the King of Fighters XII!

Player Vid: [media=youtube]wnXPkV2BEGo&feature=channel_page[/media]

Official Resluts:

“Top 8!”

  1. Battle Walrus
  2. Nato
  3. Druseph
  4. Kiyo
  5. Kirk
  6. McHuggins
  7. Electric
  8. Award Tour
  1. Teii
  2. Erik M.
  3. Dr. Houston420
  4. Cardell
  5. Adam
  6. Donald
  7. Avatar2
  8. KiDD
  9. John Ham
  10. Steve
  11. Marley Burkhart
  12. SimpleKiss
  13. ADVIII
  14. Yohanicus
  15. Hi-Tekk
  16. MPR
  17. Zach Smith
  18. Mentality
  19. Tsu
  20. HeavyWeight
  21. Omega Red
  22. Whodat
  23. Ceton
  24. Ryan


  1. Battle Walrus
  2. The Light
  3. Donald
  4. Kiyo
  5. Tsu
  6. SimpleKiss
  7. Whodat
  8. KiDD
  9. Andy’ Butt Grabber
  10. Award Tour
  11. Jarell


  1. Kiyo
  2. Yohanicus
  3. CossCoos
  4. Shifty
  5. Bistro
  6. Mentality
  7. HeavyWeight
  8. Tsu
  9. Dreamboat
  10. ADVIII
  11. Whodat


  1. Kiyo
  2. CoosCoos
  3. KiDD
  4. Whodat
  6. Ryan


Now for my shout-outs! Cuz I gots alot!

  • John (Electric): Good tournament man! I’m glad we were able to work together on this and produce something great!
    -Ryan: I appreciated all your help with setting up the tournament and recording the matches! You definitlely were a big help in making this tourney awesome!
    -Matt(Dreamboat): Thanx very very much for helping us run the brackets and getting everything organized! You stepped up outta nowhere to take control of what matches were going on, and you did a very good job of getting the tourney run smoothly!
    -Marques(Coos): Thanx big time for the awesome hype commentary and helping us get the matches running smoothly! You now when Coos is at a tournament, theres sure to be hype!
    -J(Battle Walrus): Thanx for helping us set-up everything and good shit for coming back in SF4 and showing us that your Rufus is still rock solid! That Tager is a monster too!
    -Nato: Super solid Ryu man! played so safe, yet executed when you needed to to get the job done! Always love watching your matches!
    -Kiyo: Thanx a bunch for helping us run the brackets and making my stress levels decrease with your tournament wisdom at my aid!
    -Juan (MPR): Nice commentary during SF4! The owners of the venue even mentioned to us after the tournament that they were impressed by your play-by-plays and hype of what was going down.
    -Shifty: Good run in Marvel! Your Cammy is sick!
    -Casey: Getting me hype in Marvel for almost beating Kiyo
    -Whodat: the Man from Texas! Crazy Marvel player, sick Anakaris! Got us hype in every single game we had available!
    -Kirk: Nice solid Zangief! GGs dude! Just about all of your matches were crazy suspenseful!
    -McHuggins: Thanx for the free hugs you gave out to everyone!
    -The Light: Your Carl is god-like! So nasty!
    -AwardTour: Your Rufus is definitely getting good strong!
    -Avatar2 and rest of Cola crew: Thanx for coming out and supporting us! Hope to see you guys Nov. 7th!
    -Cardell: GGs man! Keep working on that Chun! Shes getting super solid! I can feel it!
    -ADVIII (Chris): Your KOFXII matches got me hype!
    -TC guys: Thanx so much for letting us use your venue and working with us to make it awesome!
    Everyone Else: GGs to all, and I hoped you enjoyed the tournament! Thanx for making it super hype! See you all next time!


This is Kirk.

Nato - I’m going to practice that dash ultra against whiffed srks and our set in the top 8 was hype. Hit me up on EP. Gotta know where it is!
Druseph - I’m going to learn about Honda and not get caught by Super -> Ultra next time. I’m gonna get you. Thank you for letting me borrow your stick.
Kiyo - I wanted to play your Chun but didn’t get a chance to, maybe next time. Your Chun is sick.
John - Between a choice between playing Blanka or Honda I don’t know what’s worse. Blanka is so hard to get in and pressure with Zangief. Those casuals taught me I still gotta work that.

Until next time.

Yeah I’d like to see the youtube matches when they get uploaded!


Kirk, our set in the top 8 was Super Hype!! I was really impressed by your patience as a Zangief player, and I saw no holes in your strategy against me, It went down to the wire! Keep it up and in no time your going to be dash-ultra’ing every character in the game all day.

Drew: What an excellent tournament!! The setup is the best I have ever seen for a local tournament(the hype station) and the top 8 matches were all Super Hype!! Thanks a million for waiting on me and Mpr, I promise that I wont be late for Super Augusta Tourney 2. lol

GS to all the people that showed up, J your Rufus has gotten extremely sick, next time I will put up a much better fight, and I wont pick anybody else from here on out lol.

This tournament was Sick!!!


Absolutely awesome tourney guys! I can speak on behalf of the Columbia crew that we had a great time and the competition was excellent. We were also really impressed at how fast the tournaments ran.

And thumbs up for the hype station. It sucked that I was the first matchup on that thing so I got super-nervous but that didnt get in the way of how cool it was!

It was really great seeing some of the Augusta crew again. I met Dru and Battle Walrus earlier at a Cola tourney. Although Kidd and I play from time to time over XBL it was great to finally meet him in person. Thanks for making me look like a noob at that hype station, Corey!! :rofl: I also got to meet Kiyoki and Electric for the first time. Represent that Blanka, John! Kiyoki’s Chun was awesome but watching that Mahvel madness was just sick. It was a hell of a good time and I hope to see you guys again at Fall Brawl in early Nov.

Thanks for the welcome, the good time, and an excellent tourney!


Dru: WE DID IT!!! and we did it up good. The stickers were awesome too. And stop knocking me out of tourneys.

Ryan: I knew seeing the hype would get you to enter. For those of you who may not have known, Ryan was making sure to digital cap all the hype station matches so props for that.

Nato: Too close man, too close. Solid play with all your characters. Look forward to seeing you again.

Kiyo: Gratz on the wins. As sexy as Chun is, you make her look that much sexier. I’m gonna have to get with you on modding my stick so I can take it to those ps3 tourneys.

Kirk: Your matches were all rly good. That top 8 match with Nato was crazy. You definitely put on a good show. Those Geif Match ups are brutal for me too and next time we meet we’ll have to get some more casuals in.

Donald: Great casuals. Very nice play in Blaze Blue too. You guys repped ya’lls hometown very well all around.

Adam: Great game. You kept it pretty close. We gotta work on that zoning with Seth and I think you’re gonna be pretty beast.

Avatar2 and the Cola crew: Thanks guys for coming out to support the very first Augusta Super tourney. You guys always bring some good competition and we’re definitely gonna try to get a couple cars up to the Cola tourney coming up.

KiDD: Keeping me on my toes all the time in those casuals. That Gen is beast.

Dr. Houston: You’re Ryu is doo doo str8 up. j/k good run and good matches.

Yohan: We didn’t get to run back that match. Next time.

TC guys: We’ve been working crazy getting all this worked out and I’m thankful for having a place like the TC here in Augusta. Thanks for giving us the opportunity.

GGs to everyone that came out to support the very first Augusta Super Tournament. Dru, myself, and the rest of the Augusta crew are grateful to have the out of town competition. Be on the look out for the next Augusta Super Tournament.


Enjoyed the tournament, no doubt about that. Wish I could have gotten some casuals in with Dru and Kiyo in particular, but I was too busy recording matches for Rashid lol. Hit me up on XBox Live or PSN! GGs to all and very nice venue, my local tournament center could learn a thing or two lol.

This is Eric M btw, Bison player


GGs to Hi-Tekk (we have to play on psn sometime) and Omega Red.Druseph and Electricity thanks for holding this tournment it has been a good turn out. This is my 2nd tournment that I’ve been to. Now that I have saturdays off I’m going to try to travel more often, anyway here are some matches that I recorded yesterday:tup:



pics/vids of the “hype station”? sounds cool lol

i rly wanted to attend this tourney (all the time ive lived in ga ive never even been to augusta :razz:) but it was my daughters bday & also she had double vs allstars soccer games

sounds like the event was reaaal hype, if the next one isnt around the first of october ill definitely do my best to make the ride up

anyway, congrats to battlewalrus, i <3 to see a rufus tourney win! :rock:


Congrats to battlewalrus for his victory in blazblue and SF4 and Kiyo in KOF12 and Marvel. Props to Drew and the rest of the Augusta crew that ran a smooth tourney. hope to see yall at the Columbia tourney on the 7th. It was really fun yesterday got top 8 with was really good with the level of competition there. love the hype station. I would appreciate if someone could tell me the equipment that was used to make the hype station. Well i cant wait for the videos to be released on youtube and hope yall have another one soon.


Appreciate the videos ADVIII. We have a lot of footage and we’ll have those linked as soon as we can.


Good games all around; great casuals and tournament matches. Nice Vega ADVIII. Unfortunately, I couldn’t pull my Balrog game together during tournament matches. Oh well :slight_smile:

It was great to meet everyone and put faces to the online names. Overall, the atmosphere was great and extremely “hyped.”

I look forward to future events and casuals at the tournament center.


No problem man:tup:. I was suppose to send my footage to the tc owner.

Same to you man. I been working on claw alot. You have to get used to the tournment atmosphere.I’m sure you’ll get used to it.


Are you posting the rest of the vids under your youtube channel, or is the TC of Aug going to do it under another page?


loll yeah i could tell that you were a bit nervous on the hype station haha we need to get in some more matches mannn


Agreed on all accounts. Good stuff fellas! :tup:

Ggs to you as well ADVIII. Also, nice job on the vids! Yea you can add a brotha anytime to PSN so we can get some online player matches going sometime.




it was my 1st tourney and i made 25th :frowning: but it was still fun


Okay Guys sorry for the Wait. I’ve been a bit busy.

is the youtube page the videos will be posted on.

So Far Uploaded:

Street Fighter 4

Not Uploaded:


These videos are taking a bit of time and I have to run somewhere. So the rest will be posted later tonight and more splitting will be done. Sorry Guys. They will be up soon.

EDIT: Street Fighter 4 will be finished uploading in about 30 to 60 mins.
EDIT 2: MVC2 Videos are uploading now. I kinda need help on some Team Names for better Video Titles if someone doesn’t mind helping.


I appreciate you posting these for us! Great Job so far!!