Augusta Thread - Looking for training partners in AE2012 In North Augusta South Carolina


Looking for training partners to help better myself


I stay in Barnwell. We can practice together if you want


sounds like a plan I looked it up and your about less than an hour away is there anytime you can meet up?


Hey I dont mind helping with training as well, only problem is i live in the bahamas but i can help


Alright. I play on xbox live and my GT is PYROxObjecion. Thank you for the help btw.


Changing title and boosting while doing a little cleanup. We used to have an Augusta thread, maybe someone will see this.


I hate to revive this thread, but this seems more appropriate here than the GA thread. I just moved to Augusta for school, I was wondering if there’s any kind of a UMVC3 scene out here? I’m not particularly good, but I’m tired of playing online and would like to get salty offline.