Aus Players



I know this probably isnt the best place to put this but i couldn’t find somewhere better and i already have my info in the sticky but it hasnt been that useful so far.

Basically im looking for Aus players (preferably ibuki) but will take any character… Just to train with, play some friendly’s, get better etc. The Aus community online is rather lacking and would like to fill out my friends list so that there is always someone online to play with.

If you can think of a better place to put this post then let me know and i shall make it there.


My GFWL is: Evil Scrag
and my steamid is hoboscraggins [LEFT][/LEFT]


I’ll play you but I dunno if the USA to AUS connection will be good. And I’m pretty much almost always down to play, all day every day.


Yeah i noticed you already added me… I was a bit iffy about the connection too… Next time i get a chance to play some online i’ll msg you and we can test it out. I’ve noticed you usually play either really early or really late my time though so it might take awhile :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeow. Add me [If you still even play lol] GFWL is Visualinate


You might want to add yourself to the player directory.