Aussie Brethren I NEED YOUR HELP


I’ve only recently started taking fighting games a little more seriously and I must say, I’m starting to enjoy the hell out of it. However, I’m finding it hard to play any of the games I like. I can barely find a game in 3rd strike except on a lucky sunday afternoon, No luck in Soul Calibur HD Online, Killer Instinct isn’t looking too bright as of late, and Skullgirls I never found an opponent to begin with.
Leaving my only options:
Ultra Street Fighter 4
Killer Instinct(at times)
I’m going to assume UMvC3 however I do not own it yet but plan on getting soon.
So rather then rage on and on I was hoping that perhaps someone can guide me to a new game that does have a decent online population here.
I’m aware that I should stick to the games I’m slowly progressing in, but still, I wanna try some alternatives that are out.


Before this thread gets blown up, I’d recommend you try and hit up for Aussie Fighting Game Players.
You can think of it as a kinda central hub for Aussie fighting game community.


Will do, Thanks =)


Paging @AlphaCommando‌ and @Synonym‌.


I bet this guy sounds fucking ridiculous when he speaks.


Synonym doesn’t play fighting games.

As for the OP, I hope you like playing with foreigners and lag, because the closest consistent fighting game country is Japan. If you can find a dedicated Australian group for games you’re interested in (or better yet, a meetup group near your area), then more power to you, but you’re not going to get a large variety of Aussies playing here.


I know that is a common joke for us who gather here on gd, but really?
The why is he here of all places? :rofl:


I like how Australians say snake. It sounds like snike…

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Would you believe it if the answer was mafia?


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People obviously never read the interviews. :coffee:






Well, if you can’t play FGs, you can at least pay to get laid in this thread.