Aussie PSN Gamers

I know there are at least a few Aussies prowling these threads, and I personally am always looking for a new sparring partner! And I couldn’t find anywhere on the forums specifically for the Australian SFIV crowd.

Post your PSN ID here so all Aussies can appreciate a good connection, and a lagless experience!

Anybody can feel free to add me. I’m still a bit of a “scrub” as it seems we’re called, but very willing to learn! I main with Chun-Li, Cammy, Vega and (to a lesser extent) Viper.

My PSN ID is the same as my SRK ID - pdw11

Be sure to mention you’re from SRK when you add me!


My PSN is Kentenchi, main is sagat

try here for AUS PSN ID’s
hope im not advertising or anything :wonder:

I’ll add you when I can. Connection should be really nice because I’m in Melbourne too.

Heres a nice compiled list someone made of Aussie SF4ers.

lol when i first looked at this thread i thought pussie PSN gamers. lol:rofl: