Aussies purchased from arcadeworlduk?

so about two weeks ago I made a purchase for some parts, chose global post, the tracker via Deusche post uk site has just updated that it has arrived in australia which means it will no longer be tracked from them, this occurred last friday, since its been transfer to auspost and theres no way to track it, how long should I be expecting for it to arrive? yesterday was a public holiday here in victoria, any aussies had experience purchases from this site?


The holiday would not help your tracking time, so their is a delay there with the holiday. It can take at least 24 hours (after it moves again) before the tracker kicks in, and often when coming from overseas items can sit in customs for days. In some countries it can take weeks. I am also not familiar with Australia’s custom policies, example I sent a item from the US to someone in Brazil and their custom officials open up the box and packaging I shipped the item in and poorly repack everything. I doubt Australia is that bad, but expect some delays as your government officials has their way with your order.

ahhh, this is the same information provided to me by arcadeworlduk when i asked for an ETA as a general enquiry. thanks, feel a bit lost cos they havent’ given me a new tracking code i can use with AUSpost (our national local postal service), so its hit and miss. worse part of all I live in an apartment, so the pick up card doesn’t get put in the right box i’m in trouble =X any idea about tracking the order after it arrives in our country? do we get any notification about any follow up tracking code or…?

Well expect a day or 2 delay just because of the public Holiday, then expect the items to sit for at least 3 days in Customs and if they don’t get flagged for something stupid they will start moving.
You will not even see the tracker update til after it starts moving (as much as 24 hours before the tracker will update). If you are lucky you get your item before the tracker even updates.

The site is legit, I ordered many a time from them, try using the same international tracking number for your Australian post office, should work

Why would you order from literally the other side of the world, when you could’ve ordered from Japan?

Oh i have no doubt the site is legit, just not sure how to follow up, as for why order from them, not sure where else to place the order, and I think the guide to modding the venom came from this venom (or thats how i read it) and it gave has link reference to where to get the parts, all directed at arcadeworlduk… so yeah haha… oh well i’ll keep waiting. Thanks for the advice!

Wooooohooo arrived today :slight_smile: time to mod