Austin Guilty Gear: Infoz here

Austin Guilty Gear: NOW WITH /SLASH!

Hi. Austin Guilty Gear is alive and well, but none of us actually visit SRK so I’m sure we often miss out on new players that might have an interest in getting into the game. I’m making this thread (we make one of these here now and then) on the odd chance that someone is interested in taking up the game with the intent of high-level play and does not know where to find competition. is our local thread, and where you can find pretty much anything you need to know about the current state of Austin guilty gear. The thread is crazy active, so feel free to make a post in it and we’ll get back to you the same day without fail. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them, and one or all of us will do our best to get you into the fold and on your way to being some sort of Guilty Gear maniac.


That means this is a new game so it’s a good time to start playing! (but you will have to play hard and like a champion to possibly defeat me)

periodic bump

Im honoureary regardless of what spoony says.

I’m a die hard austin gg player. poon keep your mouth shut -_-

you’re a die hard scrub

haha starboy

oh shit kairi

Posting because I <3 Austin, yo!

posting cause im gay

posting because I too love the gentle touch of a good man…:confused:

bump because im a self-righteous bastard

San marcos too OK

No love for Alice? :sad:

No love for Alice. :slight_smile:

How about love for Brownsville?

EDIT: I think I should take down that hideous 5 year old avatar of mine. I only played Eddie in GGX! And GGX IS LONG DEAD! Millia in XX and #R, I should change that avatar for a cute A.B.A one <3

lol poon knows

dude dont play aba, i will instant kill you, i promise.

Yeah, no shit.

BTW: Buri is hawt in Slash, I might start using her. Maybe then I’ll actually win a tourny or two, lol.

Also, Zand, why does your location say Austin? >_>

PozerWolf, you really are switching from Ky now that he’s so good? It may be argued that saying he’s ABSOLUTE TOPS is maybe wrong, since others seem to be pretty damn good, too, but there is no arguing that he’s VERY good, and MUCH better than he has ever been. Why stop now when you have so much more to work with?

hey yall, i was wonderin if the people that post on dustloop just play guilty gear or do yall play other games too? and im curious as to why people dont just use srk? and are there any other threads or forums for people that play fighters in austin?

Do it, I don’t care. I enjoy being IKed anyway. :arazz:

I’m still gonna have Ky… but I’m gonna start using someone else in case Ky fails me.

Seriously, he still sucks, and I don’t actually see how he got that much better.
He really didn’t get anything badass in return. His new fireball traps are gay, and ACSE… WTF?!

I’d admit, he did improve… but he still isn’t good.

Does steins have slash yet???

Steins installed Slash today n00bs.

Ky is retarded. I’m never playing another character again. Slash Stun Edge x 50.