----austin Mvc2-----


Here’s another attempt to revive austin mvc2. So far the only people i notice that are active in the atx is ME(top_wateva) , Eric (Soocac,goes to my house) , Paul (Lanzar, goes to my house) , Justin (Justin, i go to his house ) , Joaquin (wreckincrew, goes to justin’s house)

Guys… there is a lancave thing every friday night down jester building downtown. pay 2 bucks to get in. game all u want until the event ends. I attended a few times, its a nice atmosphere, good hosting people, very nice. i think fubarduck runs it. Check the austin thread 6.0 for more info. Hopefully people will have time to come and we can reunite like saturdays in northcross or lakeline like the old days.

Ps. for other people who quitted mvc2…u guys should be ashame of urselves :tdown:


shut it top_gaymer you suck


I’ll be back in Austin jan 12th or so.


toan lol… , ur so gey, i will fok up ur dallas thread now


yet again another attempt, hopefully we can get a consistent crowd together… i wont be up there till the middle of jan but once im there ill be willing to game and ill try and get ever1 else out to game … the lancave thing is pretty cool but when I went it seemed like ever1 was playing other games not many people had an interest in marvel so doubt we can take up more than the two comp screens like we did when i went last time, plus i would rather play on a bigger tv at someones place then sitting in front of a computer screen, but the lancave does provide a place where ever1 can meet up at, but im willing to do whatever


I’ll go to lancave, but I would rather go to someone’s place


Since when did you have to pay dork?


maybe i misread, but check the austin thread 6.0 whizbang paul


Hahaha loser! It’s run by txgaming dork, it just so happens ryan (fubarduck) is apart of. YOU should check txgaming if you want to know more about their friday nights. Which is on hiatus until school starts back up.


I am always up for some marvel whenever I can, and maybe now we can get some the Marvel players from back in day to join in, you know who you are come on lets get some fking games!!! Happy Holidays too!!!


minh is gay PERIOD…nothing to say, AUSTIN IS DEAD NO USED TO REVIVE IT…im tire of trying…i can’t believe just becuz of one TAIWANESE GUY(Larry) :slight_smile: left…and then we all quit…wat a shame, DAMN U LARRY…u killed AUSTIN. oh well screw it i just stop playing all together…World of Warcraft is taking up most of my time anyhow…now Minh can be top in AUSTIN…Your dream has come true TOP-GAYMAN


haha man … i guess its true, i tried to revive austin marvel didnt really happen got to meet some cool people but never got to meet up more than a few times, except for jouquain we played alot and it was alot of fun, but shit we should give it another chance when the semester starts figure why not, also i’ll try and gather few more people other than myself, realize that we might not be that great of comp, but i do recall that one of my friends was giving u a pretty hard time the last time we played, realize you prolly still alot better than us but shit we can give you trouble sometimes, we had some good matches …DONT GIVE UP we need the few people that still play

By the way when sem starts up jake will be back and well have three working joysticks and if you or minh comes we can have 4… so the two TV’s wont go to waste and we can have more matches

Damn i wanna play WOW, crappy graphics card


everybody has a life outside of marvel ya know? hahha and austin will never revive until theres a GOOD place to play repeatedly. Nuff said.


Btw does anyone in Austion know how to solder a ps pad and is willing to do mine for me? Haha I’m lazy and don’t have the time frame to learn.


austin is dead!! just like dallas!! sucks how theres only one place in texas that has good marvelin. everyone here dont take the game seriously except one person that i play with.


Maybe if we put the two cities together then MAYBE there would be enough people that play hahahaha


I can solder for you when Im back in a couple weeks, just dont ask me to make your box too or you might end up with one as ugly as mine.


Haha I already made my box, its crude but its heavy for what its made of, if you dont mind doing it that’d be great.


ugh…freakin austin, all they do is complain but no action…cough* ERIC lame ass


Well maybe we should recruit new blood hahahah cause I play your ass too much!