Austin Regionals: May 19-20th, 2007 (Austin, TX)

this sounds kind of sexy

Oh wait, so the official tournament is a week after Showdown?

Oh wow, sorry, but this is a no go for me.
Getting one long weekend off and expecting another from work… yeah… :wonder:

I will be there most likely for Mvc2!

Why not! Sounds kinda fun, me and carnevil will make this one from San Antonio!:wgrin:

Why was it changed from the 19th to the 6th??

It was for SBO

Rescheduling this for the week after showdown during prime finals time was just retarded. I don’t think this is going to get a good turnout and be a true regional anymore, oh well.

Is registration 5 or 10 bucks?

Sorry, we are not Stargate so this will probably never be a true regional in your eyes. We simply wanted to hold a tournament for the people who didn’t want to go to Showdown Championships, and the people running this event have regular lives/other aspirations (like SBO) so this was the only available weekend. We are not expecting a huge turnout, or trying to make money. Just something for the fans.

I will definitely be there for the tourney! Hope people show for Mvc2!

hopefully this shit will be better than anime trashuri.

i’ll be there

I can’t go, I have a final on 5:30pm on saturday. :frowning:

I’ll go when it’s over and help run shit on Sunday if needed.

the date is a hinderence for me…timewise, and financially. otherwise, i would have gone.

I’ll be theres!

May 5th? Sorry have to watch Dela Hoya fight!

When he fights, all Messicans have to watch. :confused:

Question. I know tournaments usually start later then scheduled. I have a test at 10 am. Should take about half an hour, and from there I’m heading over. Can someone just sketch in my name and I’ll pay the entry fee as soon as I get there? I shouldn’t be too late, just want to make sure.

A lot of people are planning to watch this fight here after the tourney as well!

We can make sure your name is down and that you’re registered, but if it gets to a point where the tournament cannot progress without your presence you would be placed into the loser’s bracket.

True that shit man. Ringers on 5th FTW!!!

Great. In that event I will be going in with a friend. I’m not sure if we’re going by alias or real name, so I’ll leave both just in case.

Nem - Legendary Gokou

Skip - Skipples

Sign us both up for CvS2. Thanks.

I’ll go if I can find a ride over there:confused: