Austin - SFA3\SFAZ?

Anyone want to figure out a time for a get together to play all the Alpha Anthology stuff?

Or has one already been set up and I?m just not cool enough to be in the know?

edit: eerp forgot to add an H to HSFAZ or whatever the fuck it’s called.

Lots of viewing and no replying?

no one plays this game in Austin…nor does anyone want to. Several austin 3s players played the game for a week or so when it was released…and everyone thought it sucked.

Wow nice attitude.

So you played A3 for a week and decided it sucked? gosh, if it was a WHOLE week I guess that settles it…

Nobody plays this game anywhere in the world. It is dead.

Come on Ryan you’ve been to Japan, every arcade still has a few A3 cabinets. With this ps2 anthology out it’s going to get at least vaguely popular again, arent they doing A3 again at Evo this year?..or were you being sarcastic, I can never tell these things.

And that hyper alpha zero mega jam evolution what the fuck seems like fun once you stop bitching about CE characters and actually just sit down and play it. And If Valle and that whole crew say its good I tend to take their word on it.

Yes, I lived in Japan for a year. I visited probably at least 30 arcades, most of which were Tokyo’s most well-known. I counted TWO Zero 3 cabinets out of those approximately 30 to 40 arcades in my one year. One of them was Zero 3 Upper and not regular Zero 3. That means the only arcade in all of Tokyo that I ever saw a Zero 3 at was More Arcade in Shinjuku–and the last time I went there, they had taken it out to replace it with Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers). More is also a unique arcade in that they especially carry OLD games that no longer have a big following (such as KOF98, Karnov’s Revenge, CVS2, etc).

And being released on console does not equal popular. They are not doing A3 again at Evo this year, look at the line-up:

3rd Strike
Anniversary Edition
Mario Kart DS
Dead or Alive 4
Tekken 5
Guilty Gear XX Slash

That’s eight games and no Alpha 3. Here are games that were chosen above Alpha 3:

Mario Kart DS
Dead or Alive 4
Anniversary Edition

This version of the game is universally accepted as one of the worst creations ever.

Wow when did everyone get such attitude? I?m going to Tokyo next month I hope there are still a few A3 cab?s left since I?m so fucking bored with 3s. Seriously, I played it since the day we got it here in Austin, I played most of you when you first started out, how can you not all be sick to death of it?

Congrats on your e-dicks though, they are hueg like xbox is hueg.

Good games get better the more you play them. Bad games get worse the more you play them.

Basically, there are already plenty of good games that people play to choose from, A3 just isn’t one of them. You could choose to play 3rd Strike, Tekken Dark Resurrection, Soul Calibur 3, Guilty Gear Slash, or even maybe Melty Blood when that comes out in August and have a few competitive players. There are so many games you could pick up and help out the scene instead of just trying to rally support for a dead game.

Sorry for coming off condescending, it’s just a shame to see players not supporting the scene that’s already there just because they want “their game” played. BTW, Austinites hardly use SRK anymore, check out .


Oh and it doesn’t seem like everyone thinks HSFZ is horrible, I thought the side tournament was part of the main event just because of the names on the entry list.

nothing against the guy on a personal level, but jeron also plays tmnt:tf competitively.

Yes but Valle, Ortiz, Cole, Wong are all entered… Along with other big names, sounds like if this goes well might be a good game for tournaments.

Basically, don’t fuck with Austin 3s 1337. They don’t care about you and your opinions and they don’t take shit from nobody.

As far as A3 is concerned, who gives a flying shit?

hahahahhahaha okay

ease up guys

anyway, hsaz isn’t that bad, its good, but not great. i like playing it until people start doing broke shiet, like CE bison or A2 ken alpha counters all day. then its no fun, i guess cause i actually use an a3 char. basically no one in austin knows how to play it except hsien and he says the game is dead, and we all know what that means…

hsien is teh beastiality. i saw him do a3 ryu cc at tx showdown…took off a shit ton off life and looked cool as hell. hey hentai i’ll prolly play some a3 with you since i wanna learn a3. even though it’s dead and no one plays i’ll play that game for fun(plus it’ll be new for me). im not gonna be in austin til like mid-august though. peace.

Cool pm me whenever

Hsien played A3 way back in the day… when it was next to the 2I machine at Einsteins. He played V-Akuma then if I remember…kicked my poor V-Sagat up and down the block. Its weird Austin had a huge A2 scene and when A3 came out everyone was still jerking off to 2Imyself somewhat included.

Oh and if anyone is intrested, there is an A3 machine at More, on the 3rd floor 2 machines over from Melty blood… and 2 on the 2nd floor at Sportstown down the street.

hey congratulations. :party:

i don’t know what your goal is exactly, but it’s probably impossible to argue with somebody about the merit of a really old game and then have them magically start playing it with you.

unless you just posted that for the hell of it… don’t mind me.

Well he said there are no a3 machines around in Japan, and there is, and people still play… which was my point.

I just got back and wanted to mention that.

The person you would be talking to is currently banned from SRK, so in that regard reviving this old thread is trivial.