Austin Thread @ Arcade UFO

Sounds good. I should be there on Saturday night, as I work pretty late on Friday. I know one problem is my links and execution in general. I lose to fireball characters pretty free. The Sagat there that night was just blasting fireballs and I could never get in on him. And Gouken’s fireball game is sick too. But it seems like all my normals are either beaten or trade with other players. And for some reason, I can’t throw tech. I must have gotten thrown a dozen times by you Brian and I swear I attempted to tech every one.

I’ll be on the look out for you guys. My name is Daniel, but people call me Dirk.

That’s a big fuck no.

Since you quit fighting games, I’m gonna take your old token holder.

Is that ok? I want it :x


I just happened to be in the area yesterday and had a bit of time to spare so I stopped by UFO. Didn’t see too many people there at the time except for Hsien and an Ibuki player and maybe a couple others. I was just curious when the MvC3 crowd comes in? I enjoy SF4 but I have only played it like maybe a total of 5 times since MvC3 came out. I will be relearning it so I do not embarrass myself anymore… I didn’t win one round playing that game.

I mained Ibuki and I guess Chun Li in SF4 but I got bored of them and decided to try Yang in SF:AE. Liking him a lot but still trying to figure him out. I played like atleast 10 of the characters as alts here and there, but was never too great. Thought I was okay, definitely not now though. My team in MvC3 is Vip/Mag/Dante

GGs to Hsien and the Ibuki player. It was fun and I in the least I learned something about yun at around 8 dollars worth of tokens.

gottnoskill, usually Wednesday and Friday nights are the best for Marvel but regulars will randomly pop by on any night. If you aren’t normally in the area, post up that you’ll be looking for games next time so at least a few of us know.

In other news, we finally updated the final Ranbat standings for Season 3. Since we didn’t have runner-up prizes this season like normal, we’re awarding some tokens to the runners up who placed Top 5 overall in the season. Check and see if you’ve won something, and talk to me to claim your prize!

Again, we’re going to try to start the next season very soon after SBO Qualifiers next weekend, so stay tuned for more info!

What’s up Austin people! I’m moving to Austin soon (August 15th) and definitely want to play SF more than I have been, but before I can get to the game stuff I gotta find a job. Don’t know anyone there that I know of, aside from a few fellow SRK-Live stream monsters that may follow this thread. Hopefully my move goes without a hitch!

That all said, anyone got any leads on that job thing I mentioned? Anything will do short term, but looking for something a bit more long-term really. I have 2 degrees, one in Mandarin Chinese (reading, writing, speaking, translation, etc) and one in Sociology (focus on demographics, consumer behavior and statistical analysis). Anyone know of anything I should look into for either of those fields, or even both of them together?

Also, a bit more related to this actual forum… uhhh, I play fighters. You probably guessed that. KoF/Street Fighter mainly, ass at Marvel. Also, I play every character the exact same way : overly aggressive.

Yeah, I’m Brian jones, aka b-nasty. Always have plaid on pretty much lol. I saw you to tonight too. I play Akuma as well. As for the throws. I use a st.HK kara grab to make up for goukens atrocious throw tech window, so that’s why the grabs happen. Ask all of Dallas. Niggas get “b-nasty’d” all the time. Just time your throw techs a little later. I’m grabbing you hella lAte is all it is really. As for the see jay skills, I’d say just jump less, play his fireball game more akin to Gilles, and don’t be afraid to use dread kicks thru fireballs. Especially ex dread kicks. That shit wrecks. Come talk to me sometime, or any of the self admitted knowledGeable players at UFO and make some friends bro. Goonies never die

I should add, a lot of new players fail to realize that you’re supposed to tech throws at the same time while your character is standing but you have to input the tech later when you’re crouching. If you try to tech too early when you crouch, or too late while you’re standing, you get thrown.


Also on the fireball game thing… Look up charge partitioning for your character and all fireball characters. Gilley has some tutorials on YouTube that address the issue pretty well. If you’re doing sonic booms or max outs like b,f,b punch then you save a charge immediately after letting the projectile rip which let’s you keep up ether against command characters fireballs. If you do db,f,db punch then all your options are loaded after any charge move. I knowing chars partioning timing changed in AE with guile but I think thats the only charge character to get that nerf. Also, just laming it out does wonders with characters like see jay

Fubarduck, I need your translation help.
What are these commenters saying?

What are the best time’s and days to come to UFO for SSFIVAE?

evening on fridays are generally busy

B-Nasty droppin’ that godlike knowledge on dem bois. =o
Can’t wait for SBO quals~ shit is gonna be hype! Is anyone willing to house me and a friend until Saturday Night/Sunday morning that weekend? I’m going to spectate but I hope I can get some games in with you guys, besides online the comp in this area is lacking save an up-and-coming Viper player here.

Still the weirdest thing I’ve heard someone say about SSF4 was that if Sagat doesn’t throw a fireball, he still has Vanilla damage. But if he does throw a fireball, ever, his damage goes down. Heard that and I was like, “Take me to Austin right now, I beg of you.”

They are all talking shit. Stuff like

“Fatass Korean being an idiot”
“Pigface asshole”
“WTF does he think hes doing”


iv just been pasting their comments into this vid ryan =]

Looking for a SBO qualifier partner =D

What’s up all, My name is Drew, and I just moved back to Austin. I was at arcade UFO last night, and they’re weren’t many people there playing AE, but I left at 9 so I don’t if more people came later or not…
basically I just wanted to say hi, and please help me level up my fei long

anyone going tonight?

I’ll go tonight, what time?