Austin Thread @ Arcade UFO

Can’t recall how you look like, but the username rings a bell.
Haven’t played Brawl in over a year.

I would like $20 first to 5.
My Snake vs your Yoshi… no homo…

We played at Jester once. I only play Melee, but Hylian and I are pretty good friends, and I recall you guys playing together.

$20? Wow.

Hm… if I lose that means no Sonic Generations until Christmas, but if I win then I guess I’d be able to hang out at the arcade more (if those ports get installed, at least).

Well, that sounds good to me. I think we should use the Apex ruleset (as that is the next big tournament):

Hey, i’m new to austin, but i love to play Street Fighter IV. is there anywhere where people meet, tournaments that go on, ect. in austin? cause i would really like to play.

hey GG’s earlier online/

anyone coming to the arcade tonight?

I assume you probably aren’t interested the daunting task of modding your own stick, but here is some literature I used to get you started

Toodles’ awesome Printed Circuit Boards

I’d offer my own services, but I fried my original xbox 360 PCB pretty quick as it was my first experience with soldiering. Not too mention I don’t have the steadiest hand. I got it on my second try, but I still don’t have full confidence in my work.

Re: Tekken 5. The machine released in America came with pad ports. Tekken 6 arcade version never came out in the USA (import only) so I had to install pad ports for it. That included getting a special PCB made from my friend in Korea, lots of wiring, custom molding on the cabs…aka a lot of work that nobody else in the US was willing to do.

Anyway, believe it or not despite being the only AE, KOF13 and T6 machines in the world with pad ports they were used by less than 1% of the customers, which is why I never put them on MVC3. But of course seeing the response here I am going to do it, because I like to see as many gamers happy as possible, and I do care about the scene in Austin.

Re: SBO stream. I personally don’t care if you pirated the SBO stream, if you’re into dudes, or what you ate for dinner last night. However, if you pirate something that you supposedly care about, I do think you’re a piece of shit and I have no respect for you as a person. If that means you don’t want to patronize my shop, or talk shit about me on the Internet, or troll my thread, then it comes with the territory (and you’ll prob get banned when a mod finally sees it). I will think you’re a piece of shit no matter what. You are also putting a great amount of effort into attacking someone who is trying to support the thing you love. Similarly, if you pirated SSF4 for your console myself and most others would think the same thing. If everyone had that mentality, none of us would be able to enjoy the hobby we all love so much.

Re: Hand-holding. Anybody who knows me in person will tell you that I’m extremely patient and understanding. I have pretty much raised players from zeros to heroes, because I got over the ego of being a “top player of fighting games” or whatever a long time ago. Nonetheless, the fighting game scene isn’t about bowing down on your knees to help new people. If you want to take this seriously, you should know what it entails. It’s like the army–if you don’t like boot camp, you probably shouldn’t be a part of it. A lot of people want to play fighters now because it’s trendy or whatever, and that’s fine but only as long as you actually have the motivation to be a part of the scene instead of just take from it.

i guess you could be second? oh not second? ok 3rd? no? well idk fourth or 5th even? no =/ ohhh…well good for your point. =D

I don’t think you need to bow down to help new people. But it would have been plenty sufficient, yet altogether nicer, if you were to simply say “MvC3 is only 25 cents per play, so you should be able to afford it. It’s an arcade, so we expect people to use the arcade cabinets provided. The vast majority of good players use an arcade stick because they’re better for technical inputs anyway,” instead of lashing out at him.

I’m not for hand-holding, but that doesn’t mean we have to lash out at people who are just asking innocent questions, even if their reasoning is not something we agree with.

there are no innocent questions, only questions which haven’t been proven guilty yet

Well said.

“What? I have to pay for groceries at HEB? Why can’t I just get them all for free?” “Why do I have to pay for tickets at the movie theater, they should just show me the movie without paying!”

Are those innocent questions too? heh

I don’t lash out, I just like giving it straight. Of course in an official businessy since I will be super nice, but this is SRK. It’s a site I’ve spent over 10 years on, and here I speak as an individual with opinions and not as an arcade owner. If he wanted a response with cherries on top, he could’ve used the feedback form on the Web site to ask why he had to pay money for goods/services at a business :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a lighter note, is there any news for UFO and TTT2?

i love HEB =[

Nothing official yet, still fighting the good fight, I’ll keep everyone updated when I know more.

Well, HEB hates you.

Oh come now, you know that those questions are not similar to what the guy asked. Obviously his question was in a vein of “can I pay one fee and just play all day?” not “can I circumvent making your business any money at all?”

However, if you still feel your response is ok, then fine. I just think you’re discouraging newbies from feeling welcome when you lash out. You can say it’s not lashing, but the fact that you’re just “giving it straight” doesn’t mean it’s any less of a lashing. Regardless, I think we’re discussing a non-issue since no one seems to have been affected by your post.

well my primary concern was the controllers, poltergust was more concerned about the fees I guess

i mean, if I’ve played 100% xbox360 controller and it’s not available, welp, alright, need to a) find an arcade stick and b) practice, okay. I don’t have any set in stone plans to do so yet, so alright.

You can get a cheap stick for starters. My 360 stick was around $40.

I’ll be honest, I never really understood the Arcade business model. I just seems like it’s difficult to sustain based on how it works. New players are punished for coming there with higher rates and less play time then better players. It can be incredibly expensive if you’re not the best player in the city. I remember dropping like 15-20 bucks in one night regularly on SF4 last fall and it’s not like I was horrible either, though far from the best. Basically, if Hsien and Viet were there everybody else is fodder for them to get better. Oh what bitch, did you lose one game? Ok, time for you to stick your thumb in your ass and wait 30 minutes until you probably lose again.

You can talk shit about me complaining, but trust me last fall I put in the time, the money, lost a lot won some, and kept coming back to UFO. I don’t regret it or anything, cause it was fun and I’d do it again. But, that’s probably cause I’m a masochist and all you arcade rats are probably masochists too. I’m not hating, but with net play becoming better and better, and the possibility of much cheaper offline sessions (cost of gas to get there are maybe some beer lol). I just don’t know what the arcade really has to offer. I mean, the only reason I went is because it already had a well established community of great players. I mean good luck to arcade owners, they have balls to run the kind of business they do, but I just don’t see how something like that can last.