Austin Thread @ Arcade UFO


you guys do anything weekly?


thursdays open to close (6pm to midnight) $5 console freeplay. 3 console setups with provided sticks but you can bring your own usb controllers. anything from SF4 to marvel to kof to blazblue to arcana heart. maybe more.

sundays - around 6 or 7 pm based on when people show up - $5 ranbat tournament for either USF4 or Marvel+Blazblue. (No prize pot, only ranking points for prize at the end of the season). check the facebook group for more info

in the future some of these days might be changed


I went up there this Thursday and no one was playing Marvel. Just guilty gear. Anyone plan on playing over the holidays?


for the most part marvel is not played anymore. if you want to get some sessions of marvel, post up in the FB group. Something along the lines of “hey i want to play some marvel, i’m available at x time, wanna do UFO or someone’s place”. we CAN get it in the machines, but GG is just more popular atm.


I’m visiting from central Illinois for the next couple of weeks. Is anybody at the arcade playing GGXrd on weeknights? If not, what’s the best time to find people there?


@thesquelched thursday is freeplay nights, $5 for console freeplay from 6pm-12midnight. tuesday is our ranbats, this week is ggxrd but we alternate w/ USF4 every week.

not exactly weeknights but fri/sat are other solid times to go, sunday is decent as well.


@phantasy thanks for the info. Can you give any details on tonight’s ranbats? Times, entry fees, etc.


gonna try to start around 7:30, so reg is any time before that. $5. also it’s going to be ran on only 2 setups so it might be slow unfortunately. there will be a stream tho @TheSquelched‌


October tourney coming in about 2 weeks, tournament format to be decided.
The Monday on the same week as the tourney will have free play starting at 8:00 PM I believe


November tourney coming in about 2 weeks, tournament format to be decided.









I just moved to austin, is arcade ufo the primary location where people hang around for sf?


im coming out tonight for sf5 and maybe some sf4. Hope to see everyone there


Next month’s UFO Stream will be on New Year’s Eve. There was a good turnout then both at the tournament and on stream so I expect something similar this time around.

Thanks for everyone who has been supporting the streams.



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