Austin, TX | Arcade UFO Ranbat Series 3 | SSF4:AE/MVC3 | EVO Sponsorships!

RESULTS Thread can be found here:

Arcade UFO’s Ranbat Season 3 will consist of SSF4: Arcade Edition (arcade version) and Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3 version) as the main games, and take place every Tuesday night over the course of 10 weeks, with 5 tournaments for each game.

We will be ALTERNATING weeks for each game. So, if one week is SSF4:AE, the following week will be MVC3.

Single Elimination

Why Single Elimination? We are doing Single Elimination for these events for several reasons: the frequency of the events, the cheap entry fee, and to keep the time-commitment low for everyone. This will keep the matches exciting and you won’t have to stay up too late to experience the whole thing!

Top 8

If you make it to Top 8, the bracket will be reset and become a standard 2/3 Double Elimination format. This is so we can get accurate point standings, and give it the feel of an Evo Pool!

MVC3 - Signups at 7:30PM
Single Elimination
Top 8 is Double Elimination
Top 8 will be streamed live @ Arcade UFO on
PS3 version on Head-to-Head Arcade Cabinets; PS3 pad OK
$2 Entry (to arcade).
Registration Deadline: 8PM
Tournament Starts: 8PM

MVC3 Ranbat Schedule:
Tuesday, May 10th
Tuesday, May 24th
Tuesday, June 7th
Tuesday, June 21st
Tuesday, July 5th

SSF4:AE - Signups at 7:30PM
Single Elimination
Top 8 is Double Elimination
Top 4 or Top 8 will be streamed live @ Arcade UFO on
Arcade Version of the game with optional PS2 pad ports (no shortcut buttons, 6 button default layout only)
$2 Entry (to arcade).
Registration Deadline: 8PM
Tournament Starts: 8PM

SSF4: AE Ranbat Schedule:
Tuesday, May 17th
Tuesday, May 31st
Tuesday, June 14th
Tuesday, June 28th
Tuesday, July 12th



The 1st Place point holder for each series will receive a full sponsorship to Evo World Championships 2011, consisting of planet ticket fare + a shared hotel room with the winner of the other game.

If you have already planned your Evo trip by the time Ranbats have concluded (which you should!), you may show us a receipt of your plane fare and your hotel room (standard Evo rate, shared with at least one person) and we will reimburse your plane fare along with your owed portion for the hotel room.

We want the winners to represent Austin’s amazing scene, and will have our full support to perform your best!

We’ll also have some nice things for the runners-up, as always, so don’t give up if you’re behind on points. Come and have fun, and moreover, prepare yourself mentally for the pressure of a World Championship.

Let’s do this!

Nice. :smiley:

Holy shit! UFO you so awesome.

To training mode!

I am thinking of showing up to these! :slight_smile:

Trip to Evo wtffffff, must get on that grind.

Cool stuff. The fact that it’s Tuesday works out with my schedule nicely. I’ll definitely try to practice up in time for this.:tup:

i’ll be here for sure :tup:

Awesome, I’ll be there to scrub it up and give easy warm-up wins to the real players! Sounds like a lot of fun, can’t wait!

This is great! Way to take the Ranbats to the next level. I’m totally ready to be a pot monster for this.

I totally got a semi after reading this.

Just a reminder - we’ll be starting tonight at 8:00PM (sign-ups @ 7:30PM) with Marvel vs Capcom 3!

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Hopefully I can make some of these right after work… hopefully being the key word. Ugh… but I love my job :smiley: