Austin, TX / Jan. 31st / Back to School@UFO Results (SF4/BB/TVC/AH2)

Thanks to all who attended! Overall a great turnout, especially for SF4. Nice putting a few of the new guys names to faces and I look forward to the next event.

Full Results

SF4 (27 Entrants)

  1. Jan (Zangief)
  2. Marn (Rufus)
  3. Kensou (C. Viper)
  4. Jon Lo (Sagat)
  5. Harold (Ryu)
  6. Alex Ennis (Abel)
  7. D.S.H. (Abel)
  8. Kamui (C. Viper)
  9. Julio (Claw)
  10. fubarduck (Akuma)
  11. Bryan Lee (Blanka)
  12. Nunez (Guile)
  13. Oscar
  14. Pozerwolf (Ryu)
  15. Mopreme (Claw)
  16. Brian
  17. Ian
  18. Ben
  19. MCMcEmcee aka Crimson D aka Denjin Jeff (Sagat)
  20. Dom
  21. Zev (Ken)
  22. Legendary Gouku
  23. Enrique
  24. LeeHarris
  25. Zerite
  26. Jarrett
  27. Josh
  28. Joey

BlazBlue (11 Entrants)

  1. Jan (Iron Tager)
  2. Pozerwolf (Jin Kisaragi)
  3. Kensou (Litchi / Bang)
  4. Alex Ennis (Taokaka)
  5. Marn (Noel)
  6. fubarduck (Arakune)
  7. CrimsonD (Ragna)
  8. Raph Stryker
  9. Zev (Jin)
  10. Rob
  11. Khan

Tatsunoko vs Capcom (6 Entrants)

  1. Marn (Karas/Morrigan)
  2. fubarduck (Karas/Ryu)
  3. Legendary Gouku (Roll/Ryu)
  4. Kamui
  5. Reggie
  6. Andrew

Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 (6 Entrants)

  1. fubarduck (Clarice)
  2. CrimsonD (Akane)
  3. Pozerwolf (Elsa)
  4. ResumeDPosition (Catherine / Zenia)
  5. Legendary Gouku
  6. Marn (Akane)


It was fun I saw and had a close matches. I shoulda used Boxer a bit more than claw though. Also thanks for not spelling my name with an a this time…

No problem, that error wasn’t made by me, I assure you. I would’ve put two and two together but I only knew your SRK nick and not your real name, so I thought we might have actually had a female participant, heh.

Always a pleasure heading to ufo, not that it matters much, but I used tager in blaz. See you guys at houston regionals if you decide to go.

haha. dont worry about it.
Pozer wrote it down wrong when I signed up, but I corrected it later. I should of just told him my SRK name first.

Thanks for posting the results poonage, it was awesome playing some great houston sfiv players!

Kensou good shit repping Viper.

Marn - I GAWT FITTY DOLLAZ ON YOU win that shit next time lol.

thanks to everyone that made this happen, it was a lot of fun

jonlo, please teach me how to see the future

Come to my place tonight, and I’ll show you the future :hitit:


Good tournament, had alot of fun!!!

Nice tournament, can’t wait for the next one ;o

Fun tournament. Good to see Houston folks again.

I yell a lot.

props for the viper-rape i received in the 2nd game though

jonlo i will hold you to that… umehara sagat &shit
i still don’t understand how you turn a 50/50 into an 80/20
you wish you guessed that well in 3rd strike

…my taokaka is trash :confused:

you don’t yell enough imo

AH2 wasn’t as hype as I thought it would be, I guess that’s what happens when BIGGLES doesn’t show :rofl:

Good Lord, we only had 6 people for TvC? I was expecting more than that. But then again, I expected more for BlazBlue, so…

this is true, you rape my ass in 3rd strike consistently :frowning:

Good Job to all the placers!

-eric v

awwww hsien couldn’t make it and marn still couldn’t get 1st :stuck_out_tongue: har har har