** Austin, TX Tournament @ Arcade UFO! February 20th (SF4/BB/AH3/GvG)

**** Austin, TX Tournament @ Arcade UFO! February 20th (SF4/BB/AH3/GvG)**

Our next event will be set in teams. So find a partner and train hard, for you and your team mate will be playing against the best in Texas ;p

– Games Hosted / Schedule

  • Street Fighter 4 (2v2 Teams) - 2:00 PM
  • BlazBlue (2v2 Teams) - 3:30 PM
  • Arcana Heart 3 (Single) - 6:00 PM
  • Gundam Vs Gundam NEXT - 9:00 PM

Some games may run late, but this is no excuse on why you did not show up on time for that specific game. If you are not on time, then too bad. Registration begins at 1:00 PM (when doors open) and registration for that game ends 10 minutes for the game starts.

** NOTE: All games are played on Arcade, meaning there will be no console characters on any of these games.

  • NOTE: If less than 6 teams enter a tournament for that specific game, it may be canceled.

– Rules

  • Don’t act stupid (#1 rule, BTW).

  • No alcohol is allowed at the Arcade (keep it far away from the Arcade).

  • No game breaking glitches allowed that will prevent the match to finish.

  • Teams will be King Of Fighters/Pokemon style. If the first team mate were to lose, the second one takes over. If he were to lose then Game Over, you and your team will be placed in the Loser’s Bracket. If you lose in that bracket, then you are out of the tournament (better luck next time, :wonder:)

  • You are not allowed to have 2 of the same characters in a teams** except for BlazBlue** (you are allowed 2 of the same characters in BlazBlue).

  • Once you have selected your character in Teams, you must stick with that character in the entire tournament, no counter picking (except for Gundam vs Gundam, you are allowed to pick a different MS if you lost).

  • Arcana Heart 3 will NOT be in teams.

– Location
For location info, check at A UFO’s website.
Gives you in-depth info on the location, parking, and whatever else you need to know. Got any other questions, post up and we will answer.
Remember, we’re located right on 31st and Speedway.

– Registration Cost
Registration is all done in person.

  • Venue Fee: $2
  • To Enter Each Game: $5
    This is the price for each person, not teams. And remember, you only need to pay the Venue Fee once.
    If your interested in joining more than one game, you will have to pay for each game.

If you are unable to find a team mate, but are interested in joining the event, we will pair you up with someone else who does not have a team mate. Hopefully you will get your game going.

Top 3 are awarded cash prize, split is the usual 70/20/10.

– Hope you guys can make it and visit the best arcade in Texas! This tournament should not be one to missed, come check it out whenever you can! Don’t worry, you don’t have to enter the event, just show up and watch the event :wink: :lovin:

Please visit http://www.arcadeufo.com

Count me in!

Oh man I need a teammate

time to bromance it up.

I will probably be there for this one. :bgrin:

so rudy won’t be my partner?

This sounds so awesome, but I most likely will not attend due to trying to save some money atm.

Do you guys plan to host a spring major like last year?


Who wants to team with a garbage Boxer? :bgrin:

Double bangggg!

i will try to go to this if i can find a partner

Paul and I are partners :tup:

Jewelman, me and you as partners is for another tourney coming up the end of the month, i’ll give you details later. ^.^

I’ll bring my Ken :smiley:

Yeah, I won’t be making it to the Houston tourney. Good luck to you two there, I know you’ll do good. :tup: (as long as Rudy actually comes to play that day :lol:)


ummm awesome, but i need a partner…anyone want to partner up? play sagat, ryu, akuma…i think i’m pretty decent, haha

Will the brackets be random or will there be any seeding or organizing based on location? I assume brackets will be randomly generated, but I thought I should ask about that anyway…

chris i’ll partner with you at austin!!! wooo lets hit it

We will try to seed it as best as we can.
Last time we thought the seeding was perfect, however some people came up and told us it was wrong ;(

I thought it was still random with that Challengeon program. Damdai created some online TO program that will account for seeding and other variables so you might want to try that.

I need some Dhalsim training. Matchups against Shotos and such. I frequent the boards and watch vids, but that only gets you so far.

On the Challengeon program there is a “special way” to seed it.
And even if you don’t like the final results if gives ya’, you can change up the places on were each person belongs. If there are any issues, tell me whats up if you don’t like the bracket ;p