** Austin, TX Tournament @ Arcade UFO! February 20th (SF4/BB/AH3/GvG)

no tekken :frowning:

that is all

Who am I teaming with?:confused:

team with winchester aka best anchor EVARRRRRR

This anchor is covered in rust and mildew.

I need a teammate also. Let me know!

Gonna try hard as hell to get to this one, will probably also need a team mate.

Edited: Poop, why did this have to be the day before valentines day? Gonna be real hard to go to Dallas, then Austin the next day.

good luck to everyone attending

imma need a partner. preferably someone from socali haha

I’ll be here, but I probably won’t be playing. I’ll be filming the whole event (mostly SF4 though) and need some Texas players who don’t mind doing a quick 5 minute interview on camera and will be showcased on the video which will later be posted on SRK. Trying to get more exposure for Texas arcades.

Who’s in?

Yeah, I’m wondering if any people from Out of State are joining up for this tournament?
If so, post up and tell me whats up! Need some quick feed back, if you will.

Talked to Fubar (Ryan) about another Major, sadly he is not interested in doing one for 2010.
Takes too much money and time, and for the venue that UFO is, it can barley hold enough people if the major is any bigger than it was last year. However, he will try to get SBO spots once announced.

AH! Got an important notice!


The new date is set for February 20 (Saturday).
Hope this does not conflict with anyone’s schedule, and hope to see everyone there :wink:

I definently need to get this off, sounds awesome

Just gotta find a team mate…

Who wants to team up with a sub-par Zangief? :looney:

I’m definitely going to try and make it out to this. Is anyone holding games in Corpus? I wanted to get some practice in offline.

I’ll be there.

Won’t be able to make it this time unfortunately, family needs me to stay at home the next two months. Sorry Pozer :frowning:

…what about february winchester what about THE WORLD!!!

games in corpus this weekend if anyone is interested post in our thread if you want to join us

alright lets do this

I would love to goto this and participate in the BB tourney but I need a partner. :frowning:

I’ll prolly just go just to watch. How many Litchi’s/Taokaka’s are going to this?

Andrew and I are gonna be coming to rep Dallas. Might get a few more, but probably not since it’s on arcade.

Winchester you better be at the Houston 2v2!

Theirs a houston 2v2? When?