** Austin, TX Tournament @ Arcade UFO! February 20th (SF4/BB/AH3/GvG)

Any confirmed teams?

Me and Rudy are confirmed!


I just saw that no one created a thread for this so I figured no one would mind me posting up this info here.


I’ll show up to both of these tournies, probably be teaming with Viet for Austin and Adeel for Houston.

Mr. John Wolf, are we still on for BB in Austin?

I gots no teammate for this, who wants to team up.

Jojo made a thread, but no one has posted on it…


We can always find someone to pair you up with.

Not yet.

I’m teaming with Markus :o

Maybe team up with the “decent” honda player lol? I would need a teammate fo sho if I came to this.

You make me slightly interested in picking BB back up. I dunno if I can get much practice with CT Arakune, being that there’s only CS at Arcade UFO. Sure he’s nerfed, but the key differences from what I know is that dive isn’t an overhead and cursing takes actual effort.

Dude I would love to be your teammate, (I’m that Gief that was at Viets that one night for casuals in case you don’t know my name here) but I’m sure you can find someone much better

But hey if you’re ok with me, that’d be awesome, let me know

Count me in!

Pick me, I’m ever so smart!

And in any case, I’m looking for a partner if anyone’s interested.

I’m pretty much ready to team with anyone still (Unless Jonlo actually takes my offer lol)

I’m pretty much ready to team with anyone still (Unless Jonlo actually takes my offer lol)

Are the teams characters for SF preset or can you change as long as you don’t pick the same characters (ala counter picking)? Also is the order set or can you change who goes first?

I’m almost certain you have to use the same character the entire time

As for order change, no idea

Once you’ve selected your character, you can no longer change.
Only game that is allowed counter picking is Arcana Heart 3 and Gundam vs Gundam.

Can you play console characters for sf4 at this tourny?

Tournament is on arcade. No console characters.

What’s this I hear about Balrog, Rufus and Akuma being banned?!?! :wgrin:

Let me go ahead and add that on the front page as well that we are playing the Arcade version.
The arcade version does not have console characters (duhhhhhh).

I’ve been asking random people off the streets, even those who don’t know anything about Street Fighter about banning these characters.
It’s still debatable, however we can all agree that Balrog needs to be ban because only scrubs use him.

corpus is coming to take this shiiiit

I’m sorry for picking a scrub character, Pozer. No wonder I can’t find a teammate. :sad: