-- Austin, TX Tournament February 23 (CvS2/GGAC/3S/HnK/MvC2) --

– Austin, TX Tournament February 23 (CvS2/GGAC/3S/HnK/MvC2) –

After recently moving from my hometown (Alice) and coming to Austin, and decided to start hosting in tournaments once again.
Found a game place known as Tek Republik and it looks like there willing to host the tournament on February 23 (Saturday).
It’s been a while since Austin has seen a tournament, and there are still a good amount of people playing. So let’s get this tournament going!

Seems like we are a little low on equipment so I’m going to need all the help I can get.
Gonna need some CRT TV’s (basic TV’s) as well as PS2’s, and copies of each game. In other words, bring whatever you can to support this tournament, if possible.

*** SCHEDULE ***
–> Capcom Vs. SNK 2 (2:30 pm)
–> Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (3:30 pm)
–> Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core (4:30 pm)
–> Hokuto No Ken / Fist of The North Star (6:00 pm)
–> Marvel vs Capcom 2 (6:30 pm)
–> SUPER DBZ (I wish…)

All games will be played on Console.
I’ve actually added HnK / Fist of the North Star due to the new line up of games running at SBO, so start practicing now!

Please note that the schedule is not set on stone, some events may be delayed.

*** RULES ***

  • Please bring your own controller.
  • All rules are arcade standard.
  • Don’t use any game breaking glitches for any game that will prevent the match to continue (except for Fist of the North Star, some glitches will be accepted).
  • If you win with your character, you have no choice but to stay as that character until you have lost.
  • If you pause in a middle of a match, your opponent has the option to choice to have you losing that match or having a do over.
  • No refunds once you have started your first match in the tournament.

Also, please don’t act stupid.
In other words, don’t act childish. I don’t want to hear baby excuses on why you lost or why you can’t win. When the tournament starts for that portion of the game there will be NO CASUALS until that portion/game of that tournament is over.
If you are playing casuals, you will be given one warning, but if you are cough again after being warned you will be DQed (yum, ice cream… no but seriously).

No drugs allowed around the Tek Republik area, but I’m sure you guys know this by now… I hope…

*** LOCATION ***
Name: Tek Republik
Address: 5310 Burnet Road Suite 106
Phone Number: 512-459-2244
Website: http://www.myspace.com/tek_republik

(Not up at this time)

If you need a google location for the place, click here.

  • NOTE: If you call them regardless about the tournament they won’t know nothing about the tournament other than the fact that its gonna be hosted there on February 23rd. If you need more info on the tournament, please contact me thru AIM or post in this topic.

*** THE FEE ***
Entry Fee: $4 - Only pay once to enter the tournament.
Enter Game: $10 - Pay for each game that you enter.

The usual prize pot split will go as usual from the “enter game” amount by 70/20/10. The Entry Fee will not add on to the prize pot.
Brackets will be set to somewhat random but to a point where your playing someone you don’t know in the first set.
Brackets will be set at Double Elimination.

Let’s make this tournament the biggest one. Let’s show how big the scene really is.
Support the fighting game community, just join and have fun!

If I have the money and time off I’ll go.

Eh… maybe 3s for me, Makoto SAIII. lol
I don’t play GG anymore, but I’ll enter to support your tourny.
I play Arcana Hearts now… sooo uh that’s pretty useless in this situation.
Good luck with your tourny.

any other word on this? I’m intrested to come down, but I’d like to see how’s the turn out first

Turn out should be nice, there’s already a number of people that have expressed interest in going in the other thread in the SW regional forum.

Well f–k it then, I’ll try to get off of work for this one, it’s either this one or the one in houston on the 2nd

It’s all up too you.

This tourny is getting somewhat quiet a bit of hype just due to the fact that its really been a while since Austin has seen a tournament ;o

But until then, time to make me some flyers.

I think we should play ST…7:30 ST!!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get ST in there, espcially with all these games going on…

that’s too bad…

Close to D-Day!
Get ready!! ;o

if this thread is still alive and if anybody’s still checking, because i don’t have contact information for anybody except fubarduck and i don’t know if he’s going…

i won’t be able to get to tek until after 10-ish because i have work, so somebody make sure there are ppl with cameras and can get video footage of the entire tourney. I was able to flood youtube with casual 3S videos from tek, but i won’t be able to catch most or any of this tourney, so other ppl listen up, bring like 10GB worth of flash memory, a camera, and a tripod.

I’ll be around after 10 to record casuals if everybody’s still there.

you can always post up in the original topic:


But yeah, hope to get alot of footage.

VERY LATE EDIT: Ah, thanks for the sticky! =D

So, a few new fighting game friends of mine are evidently going to this, so good times. I would beg to go, but without any SC or smash 64 action, I’d be pretty worthless in a tournament setting :slight_smile:

If you do run into any Oklahoma gamers, could you make sure they know about OKgamers.com? I hadn’t thought about it till just now, but networking with gamers at the actual out of town events that draw people out of our state might help too :slight_smile: I appreciate it!@# Guys have a great tournament, and maybe see some of you at A-kon.


Sure thing, I’ll make a simple advertise of the site.

Not to mention, I usually hit by A-kon (NOT THE SINGER) every now and then and I may be there for it this year.

Hope to see you there!

Until then, it looks like everything is set and done and just one more day till the tournament.

Have fun!

ok so me and [-_-] are coming to this, yall better have your shit straight, unlike that Corpus tourny

that is all