Austin's 9/11

On the real, I live pretty close to there. Less than 3 miles easy.

(The 9/11 comment is a joke, I know it’s a single-engine private plane, and not nearly as big a deal)

Yeah, I just got news of the crash. He was apparently suicidal and burned down his house prior to hijacking the plane and crashing it. got ahold of his website(?), which has a suicide note.

I feel a lot of sympathy for people who see problems in tax law and then try to take advantage of it but instead of getting away with it they get punished and are butthurt at the federal government for punishing them. Just becase you see someone else get away with stealing doesn’t mean you deserve to get away with stealing too.


Yeah I live right around the corner from that, could see all the smoke from my balcony. crazy

yeah, dude didnt want to pay taxes yet owned a plane and tried to write off a piano as a business expense? what an asshole.

Is that real advice? o.o

My jesus, it’s real talk!

One more right wing terrorist blowing something up on american soil.

This is the end result of the Glenn Becks, the O’Reillys and Coulters and Savages.

These McVeigh libertarian militia douches and the American Taliban are much more a threat to our security than any brown people

we are the world haiti song is a bigger disaster IMO

Man, I was in class at ACC when that happened. Shits weird.

Watch a bunch of morons say “oh man, this is what happens when the Tea Party is being propped up by Bill O’Rei-”