AUSTRALIA. Cairns, Smithfield and Innisfail SSF4 arcade. READ FIRST POST


I am trying to get the arcade at the cairns pier to get in the Super Street Fighter 4 cabient. Now to help go to the website (just type leisure island as I don’t think we are allowed to link) and ask for super street fighter 4 cabient.

Now include why SSF4 (don’t abbrievate on email) instead of the SF4, now remember once SSF4 comes out you won’t play SF4. Tell them how much you willing to spend in a week/fortnight.

There is no petition yet, however if one gets made it will not be a internet petition as these are useless (only Innisfail will get the internet option only, but they need to send me their name and email name they used, but send your signature to leisure island)

I am open to suggestions people may have. But for it to happen I need your help.

However I just found out that we are getting Street Fighter 4 but it has not been installed yet. We need to support it at the same asking for the Super upgrade.