Australia has a Female Prime Minister now!


Julia Gillard has become Australia’s first female PM.


Would not.


Well, at least she’s ugly. That way people actually have to discuss politics when they’re talking about her…

… and how ugly she is.


Ladies with Aussie accents are hot, even when visually compromised. I’d stuff it. Fair dinkum.


She’s quite alright for a politician that’s not from Italy, I’d say. If you think that she’s ugly, I can only imagine the horrors of what you’d describe Germany’s Chancellor as.


^ Fuck. I really gotta stop googling everything.:annoy:


To keep yourself up-to-date. This list doesn’t have Mari Kiviniemi though.


^The only good looking chick was yulia tymoshenko… she would get the business from me multiple times…


this chick reminds me of Clear Sky’s avatar


…Meh. I’d let 'em rape-sex me up. Show me them “leadership skills” and whatnot.


Kevin Rudd was crying like the bitch he is on live television. First Rudd apologises to the aboriginies and now they kick him out and replace him with some hoe bitch


Man, I’d fap to the state of the union if Yuliya Tymoshenko were president.


India beat Australia to it. By several decades.


haha, this.


I remember a ton of people were psyched about Kim Campbell becoming our PM, even though she got it cuz our current PM quit, and she was next up to bat, and only lasted until the election

I dont even think she actually did anything either lol


Kinda would, kinda wouldn’t

SRK sure has high standards.


and they got knocked out of the world cup. not a good day for the aussies


Australia is no good at soccer because soccer is a sport for wussie men. Any American poster that dosen’t agree is unamerican. Amen???

And this is not a good day for Australia at all. There is no strong oppisition to beat Julia Gillard so I guess we are stuck with her.