[Australia: Melb] Shadowloo Showdown 2k11: June 25th-26th


You on holidays in Australia in late June?.. Or planning to be on holidays in Australia in late June?..

Then be apart of Shadowloo Showdown 2k11!

Not a lot of info just yet, but we do have the date and some of the titles being played.
Check out the first official trailer…

More info in the coming weeks!


Shadowloo Showdown 2k11: Player Reveal Trailer v.1 is now up!
Check out who will be coming down for SS2k11 in the link below.




**20/3/11 Update! **
See who else is coming down to this event!

Latest Shadowloo Showdown Trailer Reveals Team… ? http://bit.ly/fwGIaV


i’ve just sent an e-mail to them because i need some informations, maybe you could help me.
here what i’ve send :

Seems that’s you EXC355UM that has answered to my mail?

cheers !!


The latest player reveal trailer:


The Cross Counter Crew is coming to AUSTRALIA!!! :slight_smile:

Even Mr Arcade Stick himself… Markman!! Sif Daigo won’t be coming to this :smiley:


Wow, I’m surprised no one is hyped about this. This roster of players is freaking loaded, and also CrossCounter is there!!! Can’t wait for this.


…yea no stream tho right?

Edit: nevermind… I misread…thought the tourny was happening now -.-…