Australian Hori Joystick Seller?


Does anyone know of any retail sellers or online stores that stock Hori Joysticks in Australia? Preferably a HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 3. I cant find a good stick anywhere in Australia.

Also how good is the quality of the HORI Fighting Stick 3 compared to the HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick 3? Because i want one that is the same quality as the HRAP3 and same button layout, but smaller, that works with both PS3 and PC. But i suppose if the Fighting Stick 3 is the same quality and is as easily interchangeable as the HRAP3 i can always swap the buttons around so its the same layout.

I’m a long time fighting game enthusiast and ive never had a arcade stick before, i want one so i can learn how to use one properly so i can pull off all the moves i can do with a console control in an arcade. Instead of fumbling around doing random uppercuts and kicks that should be hadoukens and tatsumaki sempuukyakus. Plus its much easier to pull off Ryu’s EX sliding high kick when the buttons are next to each other lol. I dont want a Madcatz SF4 Stick, ive heard alot of problems with stick washers coming loose and buttons sliding. Id i cant find one i will be forced to buy one from play-asia, the price isn’t bad, but the $70 postage cost kills me lol.

Thanks in advance.


BUMP, anyone?


You can’t buy HRAPs in Australia. You can occasionally find fighting sticks in Gametraders and perhaps once in a blue moon at JB, see if you can get your closest stores to call around and find one for you.

HRAP is much better than those fighting sticks. The parts are better and they are much easier to mod. They are still a fine place to start.

The washer problem is only on the SE, TE sticks should be fine if you want to go all out.


Awesome, thanks. I guess play-asia it is then, hopefully the australian dollar will come back up soon.


Yep, Play-Asia is your best option.

I got mine delivered from them in four days for $205 AUD, including shipping.


I got my Hori Fighting Stick 3 from JB, it isn’t ‘exactly’ what you want, but after modding it, I can’t say i’m regretting the purchase.


Mate, i will have a custom ready this time next week with Sanwa stick/Seimitsu buttons if you are interested (I’m in Melbourne by the way). I’ll direct you to the images when its put together.


Cool, very interested in buying. For how much are you willing to part with it? Is paying through PayPal ok? Also if you stick some Sanwa buttons on it, you have a guaranteed sale, as long as its small, works on both PS3 and PC and the buttons arc in a comfortable fashion (but i guess i will be able to see that when you have pictures).


I’d be interested in this too if Nevarato changes his mind.

I’m Melbourne based also and poking around for a solid stick. If you were looking to do another one I would be very interested.


You most probably will be able to have that one, unless the price is really good, cause i just want a good quality basic looking small black top, white box, balltop and buttons stick with Sanwa parts. If the custom stick isnt what im looking for, then ill probably get a Madcatz SE and mod it with Sanwa parts. It seems like the best and cheapest option, i dont mind the SF art on it.


i take that back i probably will want the custom joystick lol. Damn Madcatz, not making enough sticks so Australia gets none. Plus the exchange rate plus postage is so bad i end up paying $200+.


if you live in sydney.
there is a games shop in Market City… they mostly import their stock from hk and japan.

Also at gamesmen they sell madcatz and hori sticks.

you can actually pick it off the shelf and walk outta the store with one.

That’s what i did.

i got a madcatz te and hori ex2.


Gamesmen don’t have anymore TE’s in stock. Both PS3 and 360 (the PS3’s went like crazy first)

I ended up with one 360 (will do a dual mod eventually), wanted to buy another one sometime this week, but alas… no more in stock :frowning:


I got my HRAP3 from play-asia, but I was lucky because I got in before SF4 came out, and while the exchange rate was still good. :sweat:


Yeah this street fighter IV hype has gone on for too long lol, i havent even been able to get my hands on a copy. But i did play the console version about 2 weeks before it came out on a debug xbox 360 with all the characters unlocked when my bro worked at Red Ant.

-hanzocloud: do gamesmen sell SE aswell as TE? (SE isnt on their website)

JB Hi-Fi said, they also sell Madcatz sticks but only through but there doesnt seem to be any on the website right now.

Anyone else know where to get Madcatz sticks in Australia?


I think that at this stage you’re just going to have to pick a supplier and pre-order. :sad:

You might also want to keep an eye on this thread from ozHadou.

Are the SE ones OK now? I heard when they first came out there were problems (hopefully they’ve fixed that).

EDIT: If you have some DIY skills you might be better off making your own stick since I know you can get parts. Either order direct from etc or try a place like

2nd EDIT: Since you were after a HRAP3 originally I’m going to assume that you’re after a PS3 stick… If you get a cthulhu PSB you can make it completely solder-free. :bgrin:


Hmmm, maybe lol. Im new to sticks, so never heard of a cthulhu PSB, but if its solder free, that could be an option. Nah still the same but has planning to get used to sticks then swap out for Sanwa parts. Thanks for the info, i’ll really look into it, the only problem would be knowing what chip thing i need (im new i dont kno the parts lol), also is it possible to buy wires with quick disconnects already on them, or would i have to make them myself with a solder and mold?


I’m also pretty useless when it comes to electronics, but here are a bunch of walkthroughs in the tech talk forum that explain how everything needs to be put together. For a PS3 stick all you should need (to the best of my knowledge) is a case, a joystick, some buttons, and a PCB.

Cthulhu thread.

Solder-free installation

How to attach quick disconnects

The hardest part is probably finding a case if you can’t make your own.


Ok cool, thanks for all the info, ill read it now. In 2 Amusements has a case but i dont like the button layout. Ill let u kno if i find a good case. Ummm, is the second link supposed to be only pictures of a finished joystick?


Yup, just pics of a finished one. I’ve not made one myself but it doesn’t look too hard… :slight_smile: